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PaperCut Features

  • Save Paper

    Set print quotas to encourage responsible use of your resources.

  • Track Printing

    Print control software makes it easy to monitor paper usage across all departments.

  • Quota Printing

    Set print quotas on individuals, groups or across departments.

  • Manage Mobile & BYOD Printing

    Manage printing from Android, iOS, Chromebooks and other mobile / bring-your-own devices.

  • Reports

    The right information at hand.

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    The new PaperCut brand for 2015!.

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  • PaperCut Version 14.3

    PaperCut's accessibility features aid those users with disabilities and vision impairment.

    The importance of accessibility with PaperCut v14.3...

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  • Private Cloud ready

    PaperCut for your Private Cloud infrastructure.

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  • Mobile & BYOD Printing

    Manage printing from mobile & BYOD devices.

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Flexible Print Management

PaperCut Print Management software helps you save money and reduce printer waste in your business, school, college or professional services organizations.

Designed for your platforms

Fully cross-platform software, supporting all major operating systems including mixed environments.

Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Novell

Written in your language

PaperCut’s software is offered in 16 languages for your diverse audience.

Latest News

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Free Software

ROI Calculator

PaperCut Print Logger™

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Our high school has about 15 networked printers available for use by students and staff. Until three years ago, all school computers were configured to print directly to each printer, and this led to abuse (students anonymously printing obscene content, and/or printing many copies of a document to deliberately waste paper and toner), as well as a large amount of unintended waste (misdirected jobs, extra copies).

Two and a half months into the school year, we had spent $1200 less on printer toner alone than had been spent at the same time last year. That June, one prankster senior who'd printed a farewell message to every printer in the school, received a bill for the usage in place of his diploma, thanks to our ability to identify him from the logs. For our morale, that alone made the entire PaperCut investment worthwhile!

Anytime I've had questions or issues, I've gotten accurate and informed responses, quickly. Their support knowledge base is "open" such that search engines can index it, as contrasted to most of the other commercial software we use. To me, that demonstrates their confidence in the product. PaperCut is the best commercial software experience I've ever had in 15+ years of I.T. work.

Marion, Dresden School District ,USA
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PaperCut's print accounting and print management software has been developed over ten years to help organizations wanting to save money on excess printing. It's now in use in over 50,000 organizations across 100+ countries. With its roots implementing student print quotas in education (K-12, college to university), PaperCut has expanded over the years to cover all areas from business, to corporate and to government. We believe setting reasonable budgets or quotas and active monitoring is the key to controlling print usage across an organization.

Today, PaperCut remains an engineering-led organization with a focus on technology rather than flashy marketing. PaperCut is the only true cross-platform print control software available, providing full support for Windows, Mac, Linux and Novell network environments. Our print management software is ideal for organizations of all sizes, from schools to engineering, graphic design, architectural, and accounting firms to advertising, legal and IT. PaperCut encourages the responsible use of company resources and helps to create an environmentally friendly workplace.