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PaperCut MF for Muratec

The power and simplicity of PaperCut MF on Muratec MFDs.

PaperCut MF

Device access control

Muratec has developed firmware for selected MFX devices that integrates with PaperCut MF to provide device access control, copy tracking and print job release via the MFX touchscreen.

The PaperCut integration for Muratec includes:

Muratec connected to PaperCut

Muratec, an approved Integrated Technology partner for PaperCut Software, have developed a solution for specific Muratec MFDs that connect to PaperCut MF. The software provides device access control, copy tracking and print job release via your Muratec touchscreen.

There are differences in Muratec’s integration compared to other PaperCut’s embedded solutions. Please refer to the installation documentation available from your PaperCut MF supplier or Muratec’s support center.

The Muratec secure login authentication

Muratec PaperCut Integration Firmware & License Requirements

  • Your Muratec device should be updated with the latest Firmware. If your device has older firmware running on it, contact your Muratec supplier for an update.
  • PaperCut MF with a Muratec Connector license, available from your PaperCut or your Muratec supplier.

The device will deny copying in excess of quota or account balance.

Support for the Muratec PaperCut Integration

To ensure you receive the best quality support regarding your Muratec PaperCut integration, please contact your PaperCut MF supplier and / or local Muratec technical team.

Find your Muratec MFD model

Some notes to consider:

  • Integration is supported for compatible Brother BSI devices. The below list of BSI compatible devices has been provided courtesy of Brother.


Model number


Platform: Muratec


Platform: Muratec


Platform: Muratec


Platform: Muratec

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