21 people + 2 coffees per day = 1M lines of print management code :-)

Our Company

Engineering Focused | Start-Up Culture | Managed By Founding Developers | Driven By Geeks | Fuelled By Coffee

Founded by Chris and Matt in 1998, PaperCut first developed a print quota application to address a need in a local high school. From these small beginnings it's grown to a full print management package now used in over 100 countries and 50,000 sites across all markets.

Our focus is to produce innovative software that's easy to use and accessible to everyone. We're very proud of our engineering driven culture informed by close communications with our users (in fact many of our employees were customers first!).

PaperCut is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and supported by a global network of resellers and partners. As a fast growing international company we now have presences in the USA and UK.

Enough from us, we'll let the customers tell the rest of the story.

Our Team

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Tom C

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// Chris Dance

CEO and Co-founder

Chris is one of the founding partners of PaperCut and comes from a technical / engineering background. He is just as at home dealing with source code as he is with day to day business issues. With a strong technical vision Chris helps guide the companys direction and is proud to claim that he seeded the PaperCut coffee culture.

// Matt Doran

CTO and Co-founder

Matt is one of the founding partners of PaperCut and leads the development team in building great products. His depth of product knowledge means his time is shared between working with developers on new features and helping resolve the trickiest customer issues.

// Alec

Technical Pre-sales Manager

Alec is the technical pre-sales manager and helps the development team communicate with the outside world. Alec's skills are being used across a number of areas, including project management, technical pre-sales and anything else that comes along. He loves coffee and science fiction.

// Tom

Senior Software Developer

Joining PaperCut in 2006, Tom is primarily a developer but also works on technical support, marketing, the website, social media and internal systems. His key development roles include payment system integration and web development.

// John

Sales Support

John has been with PaperCut since the beginning, and is currently working in sales and licensing. He has a background in Secondary Education and IT and is the only person in PaperCut with the not-useful experience of having programmed onto paper tape. He works odd hours which gives him the excuse to avoid the office and meetings, as befits a failed retiree.

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// Geoff

Senior Software Developer / Team Leader

Geoff comes to Papercut with extensive experience as developer, project manager and software architect at HP, Agilent and Ixia. Geoff enjoys his coffee so he's fitting right in ...

// Priyanka

Software Developer

Priyanka is the best (and currently only) female developer in PaperCut. She handles report development in PaperCut and is the Release Testing and Quality Assurance Manager. She has been working on different areas of the product from technical support to web tool customization.

// Peter

Senior Software Developer and Architect

Peter works on PaperCut's print analysis and modification. He also developed the duplex/grayscale filter and watermark features. His typical day might include improving PostScript/PCL5/PCL6 analysis or adding page counting support for a new printing language.

// Jason

Technical Support

Jason handles escalated support issues, manages internal systems, our Kayako support system and provides on-site training in Australia.

// Ann

Office Manager

Ann came to the PaperCut team with many years experience in reception/administration. She brings with her a vast experience of day to day office management and is always on hand to help out in any way she can, she is friendly and approachable. Ann's everyday challenge is to "organize" the developers (herding cats comes to mind) and the office.

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Tom B

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// Tim

Senior Software Developer

Tim is one of our senior software developers, he has a background in C/Unix. He started working on C based software including the Print Provider, our Port Monitor and SNMP hardware check. Tim has moved onto Java with forays into Payment Gateways and MFP support.

// Tom B

Graphic Designer & Multimedia Developer

Tom is the in-house designer of PaperCut and is involved in design of the application interfaces, the company website as well as PaperCut marketing materials. He believes that user functionality is as important as technology.

// Dan

Partner Manager

Dan joined the PaperCut team fresh from the UK. He has 8 years experience in the Print and Copy Management sector and his experience supporting the UK reseller channel and infectious enthusiasm for the PaperCut application, ensures Dan will be an asset to the Global PaperCut Re-seller network. Dan is a running 'nut' and of course, enjoys a coffee or 3!

// Kent

Asia Channel Manager

As an ex-systems administrator Kent brings a strong technical spin to the Channel Management team. He is a New Zealand transplant and has a strong enthusiasm (and accent) for fitness; he is currently training for his first Iron Man competition.

// Josh
Technical Support Engineer

Josh is based in our Melbourne office, handling technical support issues of all kinds, and making sure KB and Manuals are kept up to date and easy to follow. Josh spends most of his spare time in Azeroth.

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Mat B

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// Mat B
Direct Sales Manager

Mat (known in the office as 'Butters') is a key member of the sales team. Responsible for NG Direct sales worldwide. Mat is an avid (poor) golfer and a father of 3 boys.

// Silvina


Silvina works in accounts receivable, it could be said that she is everyone's favourite quiet achiever in the office. Silvina is also fluent in three languages. Which is awesome.

// Amir

Senior Software Developer

Amir is one of the developers who joined PaperCut having previously worked in CA Technologies, he has a background in developing security and identity management software using Java/Spring/GWT and C/C++. He is loving his new coffee fuelled office environment.

// Julie

Head of Global Sales & Marketing

Julie leads PaperCut Sales and Marketing worldwide. A recovering engineer, she moved to the marketing "dark side" early on in her career and has lead marketing teams for technology companies across various industries including telecommunications and semiconductor manufacturing.

// Dean

Head of Global Operations

Dean's one of our more recent additions and comes to the PaperCut team with many years of experience in the commercial and technical operations arena. Dean will be working behind the scenes with the day to day operations to make sure all the cogs are well oiled.

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// Kelby

Senior Software Developer

Kelby comes to PaperCut having developed software for every industry imaginable. A background on Solaris, Linux and Windows has ensured his skills with C/C++, Java and everything between have been put to good use.

// Maria

Product Marketing

Maria joins the PaperCut team from a telecommunications background after taking a career break to raise her family. She thrives on working in a busy technical environment and is happy to get stuck in to any challenge. She's the one with the English accent answering the phone!

// Igal

Software Developer

Igal is our latest addition to our development team in Melbourne. He has worked on a vast range of software projects. Anything from large roll-outs in the military to a small three person start-up he's seen them all. Igal is impressed with the product and looks forward to help make it even better.

// Jack

Web Developer

Jack has become part of PaperCut's team in Melbourne in our mission to revolutionise our web and online presence. Jack brings diverse web and application design and development experience to the team and he's eager to breathe new energy into the PaperCut websites. Things are going to change around here, check back soon to see some nice improvements!

// Andara


Previously working in the IT Recruitment sector, Andara jumped ship to join the PaperCut crew as our Accountant in the Finance and Operations team. Not only does Andara bring her precision, style and finesse to managing the books, she'll also give Dan and Kent a run for their money around the local training circuit!

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Tim B

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// Anthony

Support Manager

PaperCut's Support Manager, Anthony brings his many years of experience of working in large multi-national organizations to our team. Anthony's building upon and enhancing our support solutions using his close attention to detail, insights to customer behaviour and passion for quality service to help us provide you with the assistance you need.

// Tim B

Program Manager

Tim has spent twenty-plus years in the IT world as a Programmer, Development Manager and Solutions Architect. At first encountering PaperCut as a customer, Tim was impressed by it so much that he (eventually) joined the company. When not wrangling PaperCut projects, Tim reads too much, shreds lead guitar and works on his old Alfa Romeo.

// Siobhan

Office Administrator

As a self-professed organised perfectionist, Siobhan has made a refined art out of keeping each of the PaperCut teams in line and the office in shape. Another UK expat, Siobhan joins PaperCut from the education and social-work sectors and it will be her giving you a warm welcome if you visit our Melbourne office.

// Shane

Technical Support Engineer

Bringing a competetive drive to leave no problem unsolved, no coffee un-finished - Shane, having a wide and varied hardware background as well as having implemented PaperCut for corporations and manufacturers, joins the Melbourne Support team to lend us his expertise to help us help you.

// Mark

Senior Software Developer

Mark may not be the world's largest coffee consumer but with his prolific C/C++/C# skills, fine-tuned from a background in the Telecommunications industry, Mark steps up above beyond the need for caffeine to bring a focus on quality and attention to detail to the job.

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// Amit

Senior Programmer

Amit is PaperCut new all-round developer having cut his teeth in a variety of IT startups and corporations. It's fair to say that Amit is a true coffee aficionado and in his spare time he can be found in the cafe working on his latte-art skills.

// Jacqui

Content Marketing & Social Media

As a fellow connoisseur of coffee, Jacqui joins the PaperCut team from the online world of stationery and print after carving her niche in IT services and hardware marketing. She values communication through all digital media channels.

// Damien

Senior Application Engineer

Well versed in complex implementations of PaperCut, Damien has worked in our partner channel developing cost recovery and print management solutions and middleware applications. Damien keeps the team informed with a passion for "The Simpsons" based analogies and in his spare time Damien enjoys training and competing in triathlons.

// Abbey

Management Accountant

Analyzing more than the dollars spent, Abbey is the eyes on all things financial. Enthusiastic about reporting, Abbey brings 10 years of international experience from the financial services, legal and construction industries. Spare moments are spent with her family; cooking, watching films and traveling.

// Jay

Delivery Manager – Embedded

With software in his DNA, Jay joins the development team with 15+ years experience at Cisco, across multiple geographies. Taking on the embedded projects, Jay will be working closely with manufacturers to ensure PaperCut's off the glass projects are on track. Driving long hours to see new places in Australia, Jay also values time with family.

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// Travis

Delivery Manager – Core

Leading the development of server application and client development, Travis bring agile disciplines to the team. At home in any dev framework, whether in process driven corporate, through to lean start-ups developing mobile web technologies. When not stacking software, Travis can be found surfing, cycling and refining his home-brewed and Italian recipes.

// Paul

UX Designer

Understanding user goals to design the best experience across all PaperCut products is no mean feat! Paul has helped millions navigate their job and business search at SEEK, and Prognosis; bringing best practice UX to our print management suite. An avid snowboarder, he can be found carving up the powdery white mountains of Japan in the Northern hemisphere winter.

// Peter

Technical Support Engineer

Liaising with subject matter experts through to non-tech customers, Peter has helped solve many problems at IBM and Telstra. A PaperCut newbie, Peter spends his free time listening to music, indulging in film and animation as well as keeping fit with strength training.

// Looking for something a bit different?

Check out www.papercut.com/careers

PaperCut is about smart people working together in a fun, casual environment to produce great software. We foster diversification of skills in a "startup style" culture. If you love coffee and are good with code, design or people, we want to hear from you!

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Tim G

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// Rick

Senior Application Engineer

Rick is our Channel Manager for PaperCut in the United States. He works closely with customers and developers to assure that PaperCut remains a customer/user focused cross-platform print management solution.

// Tim G

Technical Support

Tim is a member of the technical support team based in Portland, Oregon. A recent transplant from New York, he has always been in the support field and loves fixing things. When he's not doing techy stuff he can be found traveling or taking photos. Despite his picture, he is a real person.

// Desha

Pre-Sales Support

Jumping from Operations to Channel, Desha supports the America's sales team based in Portland to "get things done". Desha specializes in technical start-ups providing a seamless back office experience for the organizations she's worked for. She is a true Oregonian who loves the outdoors, and locally sourced cuisine.

// Kyle

Technical Support

Kyle is our latest recruit in the US Technical Support team bringing his tenacious attitude to solving technical problems as well as his experience as Senior Analyst and QA Engineer to assist the communication between our customers and developers. Outside of work Kyle enjoys socializing in non-competitive childhood sports such as Kickball, Dodgeball and Indoor Soccer.

// Alan

Support Engineer

Hailing from Microsoft, with a passion for print and mobile connectivity, Alan brings a wealth of print infrastructure knowledge in the Windows space to the US Support team. An all round out doors guy, Alan stays active through biking, hiking, playing softball and tennis.

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// Joe

US Channel Manager

Joe has the enviable responsibility for PaperCut's Americas channel sales. He brings significant experience and has managed many VAR's, Resellers, Distributors, Enterprise and National partners. Joe will use his relationship, technical and sales management skills to create as many happy PaperCut customers and Resellers as possible!

// Brenda

Office Administrator

Keeping the Portland office running, Brenda sits "behind the scenes" supporting our Americas team. An all-round operations expert, Brenda has a detailed eye for project management. Hit by the travel bug, when not exploring new cities, cooking and NFL are her go tos.

// Vanessa

Support Engineer

A lifelong Mac geek, Vanessa previously worked as a Mac Systems Administrator and Client / Systems Support Engineer. When Vanessa's not troubleshooting Mac issues, speaking at conferences, geeking out, or partaking in epicurean adventures, she enjoys living out her Oregon Trail roots bouncing around backroads, farm country, and the wilderness in her Jeep.

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// Paul

UK & Europe Marketing Manager

Based in the UK, Paul manages relationships with our key resellers and partners across Europe. A copier market veteran, he has over 30 year's experience in the industry. To make him happy, talk sport and supply him with jelly beans

// Ross

Technical Support

Ross is based in the UK and works across many areas of the business ranging from pre-sales support, after sales technical support, and general business and software QA and test. He has been involved in the print & copy management industry for all of his adult working life.

// Stephen

EMEA Channel Management

Stephen looks after our Manufacturers and Resellers in EMEA. He has spent many years selling and implementing PaperCut at one of our largest resellers in the UK and makes use of his extensive sales and technical knowledge to provide pre sales support and training. He is the tallest Channel Manager in the sales team and is always willing to help out and top up his technical knowledge by assisting the support team when asked.

// Nick

Technical Support

Nick is another key member of the UK/Europe support team providing product training and support for software and hardware. His forte is embedded hardware, such as multi function printers, because he has spent much of the last ten years with his head in the back of photocopiers. When he isn't helping customers he likes to meddle with all things technical.

// Paul

Technical Support

Paul is another member of the UK/Europe support team from Wales. As a Network Manager over the last 14 years he supported end users of both vanilla and RM networks, Macs and iOS devices. When not on our support site he spends most of his spare time keeping up to date with the IT industry.

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// Ben

Channel Management

Ben has over 7 years' experience in the print and copy solutions industry. He has worked for one of the UK's largest PaperCut resellers and specialises in presales support, solutions training new and experienced resellers. Ben is experienced in turning complex technical knowledge into reseller focused sales material and is a great asset to the team.

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// Yusuke

Asia Marketing Manager

Yusuke has worked in the printer industry for over twenty years. As a former solutions manager for Kyocera and Minolta Co Yusuke has a wealth of experience and understanding when bringing PaperCut to market.

// Hiro

Technical Support

Hiro is a part of our team located in Japan and is experienced in handling support issues of all levels.

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PaperCut Software is supported by a global network of certified authorized resellers made up of hundreds of professionals dedicated to selling and providing services around PaperCut's products.
Find your local PaperCut Authorized Solution Center.

We purchased PaperCut NG for the purpose of reducing the cost of printing. It works well for us in terms of awareness of printing and environment. The deployment is easy no need expert knowledge. In a primary school environment this product fits very well. We would recommend this product to any one in Education in this current climate of saving money.

Muhammad, Welbourne Primary School - London, UK
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