PaperCut – 2014 EY AU Technology Entrepreneurs of the Year

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year is the world’s most prestigious business award for entrepreneurs. The unique award makes a difference through the way it encourages entrepreneurial activity among those with potential, and recognizes the contribution of people who inspire others with their vision, leadership and achievement. The program spans 60 countries and previous winners include over half of today’s top 100 NASDAQ companies.

As we come to a close for 2014, PaperCut’s founders, Chris Dance and Matt Doran reflect on their awards a part of the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year worldwide program.

Chris Dance and Matt Doran from PaperCut win the 2014 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Technology Category

Unintentional entrepreneurs

Chris Dance, Co-founder and Director of Systems Architecture

I very much see ourselves as accidental entrepreneurs.  We started out as two tech guys that loved technology and had a passion for solving a simple problem  - wasted paper.  The initial ‘little bit of software’ is now so much today.  This award has given us a little push to actually sit back and reflect on what we’ve managed to accomplish over the past 16 years.

Suits and bow ties in the office

Matt Doran, Co-founder and Director of Software Development

Participating in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year program was an opportunity to reflect on our successes and how we’ve grown and matured as a business over the last 16 years.

Convincing 10+ judges (all business leaders and entrepreneurs in their own right) that PaperCut deserved to win was way out of my comfort zone. But to my surprise, I found the process exciting, energizing and confidence building. Definitely a personal growth experience for me.

To actually win the National Technology category was icing on the cake! Being recognized for our achievements from peers and business leaders is validation of what we’ve been working towards all these years.

Another comfort zone breached – I slipped out of my usual jeans / hoodie by splashing out with a black tie suit to celebrate with some of the team in Melbourne for the Southern Region Awards in July and again for the National Awards in November. The awards nights were a celebration of our teams’ success and the finale to a very rewarding experience.


I’ve really enjoyed including all of the PaperCut team in the process. This award belongs to the entire team …. it’s not about Chris and I as individuals.

Smart Company | Business Insider | Business Review Australia | Sydney Morning Herald

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Simplify printing for visitors to your organization with V14.3

Visitors to your office or organization can carry a range of mobile devices to help them do business. When your visitors need to print from their devices, how can you enable and manage this easily?

Guest printing, sometimes called ‘anonymous’ or ‘visitor printing’ can be achieved without the need to set up a network account or even access to your organization’s wi-fi network. SysAdmins don’t need to compromise their network’s integrity and visitors can get on with their work, assisted by an easy-to-use print solution.

So how does it work?

Your visitor simply sends a document to an email address, utilizing PaperCut’s Email to Print. The print jobs are sent via queues directly to the nominated printer for instant or self-assisted print release, or via an administrator if extra security and monitoring are required.

The benefits:

  • No account setup required for print users.
  • Print directly from any device that can send an email.
  • Configurable to your network’s security policies.
  • Print tracking and management fully available.

See how easy guest printing can be at your organization. More information.

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A Global Print Driver for cross vendor printing

“Printing is the Achilles heel of computing. And no universal driver can be done…” and “The only way to “fix” this is to be part of the company at the start and fight for a standard for printers – same model, same driver, etc”

Do these kinds of quotes sound familiar? You probably have heard these (and more) coming from colleagues, CIOs and IT forum contributors. You may even have said something similar yourself!

PaperCut printing to many printer brands with the single Global Print Driver.

Granted, the “one ring to rule them all” approach is hard. Designing software to manage and control printing, we understand only too well how print drivers can be frustrating for Systems Administrators who spend an enormous amount of time troubleshooting.

If you’ve struggled setting up a single virtual print queue in a mixed brand environment for that very reason, PaperCut now helps solve the cross-vendor printing dilemma with a Global Print Driver.

Whether you’re in a large organization or a multi-building educational campus, you will immediately benefit from printing documents to a single queue with your existing fleet. Users will enjoy the flexibility of printing first, then choosing the most convenient printer (no matter what brand). As the sysadmin, you won’t have to worry about help desk calls if they choose to try and print to another branded device.

Just for clarity, the PaperCut Global Print Driver is not simply a new name for a “universal driver” offered by leading printer manufacturers. These universal print drivers are designed to work with multiple models across a single brand. PaperCut’s Global Print Driver works across multiple models and multiple brands.

If you’ve got an existing dominant brand of printer and need to use the manufacturer print driver (e.g. if stapling, tray management or other specific device features are required), an advanced-level feature in PaperCut v14.3, PDL transforms, may be useful. It will allow you to write scripts that automatically modify the output produced by one (vendor-based) driver to map to capabilities on another device. Perhaps you’d map “Tray 1″ to “Tray=Upper”, for example. If we go into the detail about how this works in the blog, you’ll be reading for a while, so for those who are keen here’s the link to the manual.

As always PaperCut are continuing to extend this functionality and compatibility over time. Let us know your experiences to help make PaperCut work for your environment.  More information.

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