In My Shoes. The Back Office @ PaperCut

At PaperCut we’re very proud of our employees, a tight-knit collection of like-minded people with a collective goal to create great software and drink good coffee.

As a company built on software development, you can imagine we have some high performing teams across the globe. The PaperCut “back office” includes admin, finance and operations and is one part of our international team that keeps the cogs turning.

People do ask “why would anyone want to be an Operations Manager?”

The answer is simple. No two days are ever the same and as expectations and priorities shift and change, the team and I simply adapt.

Let’s take a walk In My Shoes, here’s some of my day to day:


  • Managing external legal and accounts consultants
  • Working with our channel partners on challenges within their regions, including technical, development and business needs
  • Understanding workplace and business laws throughout our global marketplace
  • Creating new policies and procedures  to ensure security and maintaining a company culture that shares the core values started by our founders
  • Enabling the greater team, to ensure everyone can work to the best of their abilities
  • Interviewing talent for roles within PaperCut and onboarding new members
  • Making sure that the PaperCut cafe ‘/dev/coffee’ is always stocked with enough coffee beans to rival the GDP of a small country

The Team

Admin, Finance and Ops works hard behind the scenes to get through gruelling problems while having a great time and making the best out of every situation. Many managers will say that they strive to enable their team but the truth is that this team enables the company as a whole.

Let’s jump into their shoes…

Ann/Office Manager

If you need anything PaperCut, Ann has it no more than arms length away. She has been the key organizational force in PaperCut for years, in the very beginning she WAS the PaperCut finance and admin team. She is largely responsible for paving the way for PaperCut to grow exponentially.

Siobhan/Office Administrator

Whether Siobhan is tackling invoices, negotiating with bank managers or greeting you at PaperCut HQ she remains cool, calm and collected.

Desha/Office Administrator USA

The Joan of Arc of the US office.  She ensures the Support and Channel guys in the Portland office are in line and everything runs smoothly.


Is everything from accountant to teacher. Andara joined us late 2013 and has taken on the accounts and finance reporting head on.  The hardest part of her job is to impart finance wisdom to me.


Simply known as the “machine”. From the moment she arrives to the time she departs she doesn’t lift her head. There are rumors that she had lunch one day but this was disregarded due to lack of evidence. Silvina is also fluent in three languages, which is awesome.

Tim B/Programme Manager:

The greatest task juggler of all time, at last count he had over 50 projects happening at one time, each with set actions and outcomes trickling into the development and marketing teams.

Alec/Project Manager:

Is a key part of the team bringing his project management skills to the front. Alec assists in getting large projects over the line whatever department they belong to.

Here’s a shoutout to the entire Ops team for their excellent work, keep it up…and let me know whose shoes you would like to jump into?

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Happy Sysadmin Day!

Each year at PaperCut we celebrate one special day with a little more enthusiasm than others: Sysadmin Day! This year, on the 25th of July we recognize all the guys and girls out there for their tireless, never-ending, behind-the-scenes work in countless organizations around the world.


Happy Sysadmin Day 2014!


These everyday heroes keep us working productively by responding to our urgent alerts and triaging our cries for help. It’s often said that these heros are unsung however there are in fact songs written about them! It was this job that all those years ago, planted the seed that grew to become PaperCut as you know it today!


Chris Dance was a young science & engineering student and part time system administrator at Parkdale High School. Between fixing keyboards, replacing stolen mice and trying to deal with the out-of-control student printing, Chris saw an opportunity to raise the visibility of the print-waste and change the students’ behavior.


Combining system administration and software engineering with the help of his room-mate Matt Doran, before long, Chris was installing the new software on Parkdale High School’s computers and paper was being saved. The pair thought that other schools might find it useful too, so they made it available to everyone.


The PaperCut solution today helps thousands of system administrators around the world by monitoring and controlling their networked print environment without leaving their desks.


We would like to give a shout out to all the IT gurus out there and especially our very own system administrators who make up a fifth of the PaperCut family.


Sysadmin Day gifts for the hard working employees at PaperCut

Happy Sysadmin Day to all of you, from the sysadmins here at PaperCut!

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Over the river and through the woods to PaperCut

Don Jacobson - US Support team at PaperCut

Hi, my name is Don. I am a new employee working in PaperCut’s Support team in the US office in Portland, Oregan, serving the US time zones from GMT-5 (NY) to GMT-8 (CA) from 08:00 to 17:00, Monday – Friday.


During our overlapping operational hours, the US Support team are in constant touch with the Australian team at the PaperCut office in Melbourne. Although we make extensive use of Skype for calling and messaging from person to person, our most innovative method of communication is the PaperCut Portal.


Portal communication between Australia and North America at PaperCut

During the support ticket review each day, our US and Australian teams brainstorm together on how to respond to client issues. Not only does the Portal easily facilitate this group discussion between our team members but it is a great way to cultivate and maintain personal relationships with our remote peers.

By just walking up to the monitor, the Portal really does make cross-continental exchanges as easy as chatting to someone in the office!


I have moved over to PaperCut from my previous position at Yahoo’s Small Business centre and what first caught my interest, much to my liking, was PaperCut’s culture of coffee aficionados. There is even an internal Policy document about coffee!


However during my first few weeks of work, the thing I have come to like best about PaperCut is our focus on “quality of life”. We are a hard working team of professionals but at the same time, we are a bunch of like-minded people enjoying a great degree of flexibility and freedom in our daily jobs. I’m glad to have found a working environment where we trust each other’s judgment and are encouraged to be ourselves.


St John's Bridge, Portland, OR

When I began working at PaperCut, I commuted to the Portland office from Vancouver, Washington, crossing three counties and two states. My alternative route across the St. Johns Bridge and through the Tualatin Mountains was truly an “over the river and through the woods” adventure! It was quite a sight to watch the sword ferns, maple and pine trees while driving home each day.


I’m enjoying my newfound career at PaperCut, my peers and the PaperCut “quality of life” more than any other previous employment, and I look forward to the next hand wave and conversation with the Melbourne team via the Portal.

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Work experience at PaperCut

Work experience at PaperCut

Hi, my name is Sebastian, and I have just finished a week of work here at Papercut as part of my Year 10 work experience program.

I haven’t had a proper job before so I had no idea what I was in for! In the days leading up to my work experience week my train of thoughts ran as such:

“Will I have a supervisor?”

“What if I don’t work well with the employees?”

“Will I get a lunch break?”

Fortunately, my fears were put to rest during the morning of my first few hours at PaperCut. Instead of the scary office with cramped cubicles that I expected, the atmosphere was very friendly, relaxed and leisurely in the open space. I felt right at home while working at my desk as well as hopping around to the different teams.

I found the work I did at PaperCut very interesting and it really opened my eyes to the way the company works. I spent my first day working with Papercut’s Development team beginning with their morning stand-up meeting and then I worked with Amit on some Java programming and testing. I think it’s safe to say that I now know more about Java than I did a week ago. Alec also took me through how the development documentation works, I even got to write some of it too!

During the next two days I worked with Josh, Shane and Jason in the Support team who I noticed would approach every support question enthusiastically, taking joy from solving the problems posed to them! I got to contribute to the PaperCut Intranet and also learned how to use their Help Desk system as well as help out with some customer support tickets.

I worked with the Sales and Marketing team for my last two days where I helped Dan handle the PaperCut licensing. I also got to work on some behind-the-scenes stuff on the PaperCut website with Tom and Jack and had some fun with their social media.

There were a lot of other places I could have chosen for work experience but I’m glad I chose PaperCut in the end. I’ve learned some important things over the course of the week and while I won’t spoil anything, you can expect to see exciting things happen at PaperCut in the coming year!

I would like to say thank you to everyone there for making it such an awesome week!

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What’s new in PaperCut v14.2?

PaperCut version 14.2 is out now! Let’s have a look through some of the new developments:


Reduce admin overhead with ID number auto-generation.

Are you looking to streamline authentication at MFDs in your organization using an alternative to the usual convention of username / PIN and password?


PaperCut v14.2 provides a quick and easy solution by:

  • auto-generating ID numbers for users and user groups,
  • sending notifications to users,
  • allowing users to generate their own ID numbers,


Complement existing authentication methods – PaperCut’s auto-generated ID numbers.


Email to Print IMAP Protocol support plus MS Office .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt and .pptx attachments.

Email to Print enhancements.

New in PaperCut v14.2 – Email to Print now supports Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint file format attachments, making Mobile and BYOD printing even more convenient!

Email to Print support for Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
Email to Print now with Microsoft Office document support.

In addition, organizations preferring IMAP can now take advantage of this protocol in Email to Print.


Configure PaperCut to suit your network and administrative worflows

Admin users multiple User / Group access available.

PaperCut v14.2′s Admin User / Group management is now made more flexible to better tailor access and admin roles to the structure and needs of organizations.


Set customized admin access for administrative users with PaperCut
Share the Admin workload for your team with PaperCut’s multiple User / Group Admin access.


Search for MFDs, MFPs, printers and devices using PaperCut

Find more with PaperCut’s search.

Find printers, devices, user groups and easily target selected print jobs to designated queues with PaperCut’s upgraded search facility and Find Me Printing in v14.2


Search for printers, devices and user groups with PaperCut
Improved search facilities in PaperCut v14.2


Multi-site, multi-server capability

Multi-site, multi-server PaperCut deployments.

To assist organizations with complicated deployments, we’ve put together a new multi-site, multi-server guide covering various implementation models.


Also, the Central Reports feature is now out of early access and ready to use in multi-site organizations with distributed application servers.


Manage printing across decentralized multi-server and multi-site networks with PaperCut
Multi-site / multi-server deployments with enhanced Central Reports.


…and still more enhancements:


For the full details, please see the release notes for PaperCut v14.2:

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Employee #2 Travels The World

I am one of the developers at PaperCut and don’t often write many blog posts. We developers are usually hidden behind our screens, drinking coffee and generating thousands of lines of code.  Typically developers don’t get out and about to meet our customers and partners face to face. But PaperCut developers are far from typical…

I have been with PaperCut since the early days. (I am proud to say that I am employee #2, and the first female developer in the team.) One tradition here at PaperCut is that anyone who travels internationally is “required” to bring back a postcard and pin it on my desk. I’m not sure how it all started, but pretty soon this is what my desk started looking like.

Priyanka's Postcard Wall

With customers and partners all over the world there is always someone travelling. The postcards were flooding in and my bucket list kept on growing.

Finally, it was my turn to travel and collect cards for my own desk!

It was a packed trip to the USA… full of customer visits, manufacturer meetings, trade show conferences, relationship building and of course, those internal US flights. We were hosted by our PaperCut family in the Portland office, plus our wonderful Authorized Solution Center (ASC) partners.

Our support team in Portland do an exceptional job answering the thousands of customer questions. I have always been told that the US had the most users of our PaperCut Print Management solution…  but to see all the activity over there was amazing. Ridiculous volumes of phonecalls, online chats, and emails poured in… and the team handles them all with ease. I don’t know how they do it. (Those lines of code were looking much easier now.)

In the development team, we live and breathe PaperCut. To see that same passion amongst our ASCs and partners was inspiring. At the two trade shows I attended, our channel partners talked just as passionately about PaperCut as I did. They were presenting the product to customers from companies all around the world – what fun to be part of those discussions.

Working as a developer, you hardly get to know how the features you develop get used by the customers. One customer who worked at a hospital shared with me how useful the “Printer Groups” feature was for his organization. How wonderful to know first hand that a feature that I worked on had made his life so much easier.

As much fun as I had I am glad to be back in Melbourne, my home. I brought with me customer stories, feature requests, a renewed respect for our partners, new shoes (!) and of course that postcard!

I have been with PaperCut for 6 years. What an amazing experience to see the company grow and the opportunities grow with it. A big THANKS to all the partners, ASCs and customers who took the time to share their PaperCut experiences with me.

Travel does make you wiser. I am a developer with a broader perspective because of this trip. What will the next one bring?


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PaperCut / Home

Just off the back of the 14.1 release we thought we’d share PaperCut’s other big news item – the relocation of our Melbourne operation from the sleepy suburb of Mount Waverley to inner city Hawthorn.

As many know, the PaperCut company has humble beginnings… we technically began in Chris Dance’s basement, a space where he and Matt Doran first started smashing out code. But as the company started to gain more and more customer-driven momentum they found a small, cosy office in Mount Waverley.

That office was one of four in the complex. It was hidden away above the street and the team worked hard at their keyboards powered by the rich dark coffee regularly supplied by the local baristas.

Day by day the team continued to grow, prompting the guys to rip down the wall between their office and the one next door. (With the landlord’s permission, of course.) Then as time went by, the company spread out to the floor above until PaperCut’s reach covered the entire office complex.

The drive of the PaperCut team continued to draw more highly-skilled people until the brick walls of the Mt Waverley office couldn’t contain the dynamic team.

Finally, after a long search we found a place that was not only surrounded by beautiful parks and endless cafes (a very important prerequisite) but a place that had the potential to be called the future home of the PaperCut family.

PaperCut HQ

Our New Home : PaperCut Hawthorn

Sit back and grab a coffee and we’ll walk you through the new PaperCut office with a complete photo tour.


The Space

Our new building is nestled deep in the centre of Hawthorn just behind the historic town hall and minutes away from small laneway cafes and tiny bookstores. When searching for our new office space we needed to make sure that it was perfect, with adequate space for our dev team and our expanding admin & sales teams. We needed something special, the Hawthorn area delivered with everything we could have wanted including a sign from above..

PaperCut HQ

‘Shelling out’ all interiors of the office space.

PaperCut HQ

The construction process was a little stressful for Dean, so he simply started doing yoga in the morning.

We’re still unsure if he actually knows yoga.

The Build

As seen in the photos of the office we started with a shell of a building and quickly moulded it into the future PaperCut HQ. We had grand plans from the very start. We needed a collaborative open plan space where we could chat and brainstorm together, we needed a place to get away from others and we needed a developer-centric environment where the team can be innovating, developing and testing continuously.

(Please Note: when I say continuously, there is currently a rumour circulating that Kelby hasn’t left the dev studio since we moved in.)

PaperCut HQ

The London & Portland meeting rooms getting their first interior treatment.

PaperCut HQ

The boys laying the artificial grass for the Melbourne room. Sometimes you need to ‘feel’ the grass between your toes as you code.

PaperCut HQ

Putting up a couple of interior walls to keep the roof up.


The Reveal

We invited the extended PaperCut family to a sneak-peek of the office before it opened to the public to celebrate our success and growth. Usually we focus more on results and less on ceremony so it’s not often we feel the need to throw ourselves a big party. We made the most of it.

The office was decked out with bright green balloons, cupcakes and two refrigerators full of top quality Melbourne craft beer… it’s a hard life.

PaperCut HQ

Party kicking off in /dev/coffee cafe.

PaperCut HQ

When we say ‘PaperCut family’ we really mean family.

PaperCut HQ

Chris and Matt presenting keys to the new office.

The Cafe

When planning the new PaperCut HQ we knew that we’d have to make space for employees but there was one thing on the list of priorities above seats and workstations. It was simply coffee.

We love the stuff here at PaperCut and there was no way we were going to design a new office without our very own cafe. Aptly named /dev/coffee the cafe is our base of operations. We love to spend time brainstorming over a coffee – and that friends, family, copier dealers and channel partners stop by for a chat.

PaperCut HQ

The new PaperCut Cafe “/dev/coffee”

PaperCut HQ

The PaperCut Melbourne room. We asked our interior designer about ‘coffee chic’… Apparently it isn’t a thing, but we did find stools in the shape of latte glasses.

PaperCut HQ

Our new meeting rooms are named after the locations of our global offices. This is our ‘Portland’ room.

PaperCut HQ

‘Ello Guvna. (London room)

PaperCut HQ

We’re known as PaperCut although we do reduce the toner usage also.

PaperCut HQ

The ‘grown up’ room (global conference room all furnished and fancy)

PaperCut HQ

Today, the PaperCut family resides at 1 Oxley Road.

This place is the future home of innovation and a close-knit team that share the core values that created the company so long ago.

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One for the sysadmins: PaperCut version 14.1

System Administrators work hard behind the scenes to make life easier. They maintain:

  • network security and system integrity,
  • manage cross-pollinated user groups and permissions,
  • report on activity, and
  • provide analytics to the organization to make strategic decisions easier…

We get tired just thinking about it!

It can be a tough and even thankless role in an organization where end-user convenience often masks the effort required to set up and maintain user tools.

Making life easier with PaperCut 14.1

For our sysadmins

PaperCut’s version 14.1 upgrade is our shout-out to all those that keep our offices, labs and classroom print environments running smoothly. On the back of our major version 14.0 release, we’ve focused on the little things that make life easier for sysadmins.

Areas that you have asked for include:

  • streamlining user import and initial setup,
  • making it easier to manage user meta data (e.g. multiple emails and secondary card numbers),
  • set up of new printers (automatic selection of the best settings for black and white printers)

…and for End Users


Not forgetting the PaperCut print users, we’ve added ‘drag and drop’ enhancements to Web Print so users can upload multiple files at the same time.

Now, in the 14.1 update, users can log in to PaperCut using their email address instead of their username. (Easier on your helpdesk as most users can remember their email address.)

So thank you to our sysadmin rockstars! We hope that PaperCut version 14.1 saves you a little bit of time and perhaps helps you get a tad more appreciation for all the hard work you do.

Upgrading to PaperCut Version 14.1

If you have a current subscription to Premium Upgrade Assurance (PUA), your upgrade to version 14.1 is already included. One-time upgrades may be purchased via our on-line order system or through your PaperCut supplier.

Please take a look at the release notes for the full details of all the features, enhancements and fixes included in PaperCut version 14.1.

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PaperCut 14.0 is “Live” [Tile!]

Happy 2014 from everyone at PaperCut!
For the 14th year in a row, we greet the new year with a fresh new version of PaperCut, chock-full of tools and features that help you control and manage your organization’s printing.

Sometimes the best new features in PaperCut aren’t exactly “new” features at all – but simply a more innovative way to deliver an existing feature. We’ve had environmental statistics available in PaperCut for years and now we’re using this data in two new and powerful ways.

First, the new PaperCut Environmental Dashboard provides insight into your organization’s printing. Everyone can check out how much (or how little) they’ve printed and rank their usage against the organization average.

Windows Live Tile for PaperCut

Second, as a growing number of our customers have introduced Windows 8.1 to their networks, the tiles on the Start Screen gave us the seed for a new idea. And so the  PaperCut Live Tile was born!

With the Live Tile you have a cool new way to “tap users on the shoulder”. The tile motivates them to adopt new print habits through more than 20 user-specific facts, awards and challenges all generated from real-time PaperCut data. Check it out by pinning the new tile to your Windows Start Screen.


We will warn you in advance: These two features are great if you’re “green”… but can be kind of alarming if you’re not. (Fear not, though. We’ve heard many stories of our customers using the alarming print statistics to help justify budgets and projects!)

Printing for Mobile and BYO Devices
You’ve been telling us loud and clear one of the things to keep you awake at night is the complexity of integrating a huge selection of mobile and user-supplied technology. (What new e-gadgets did your colleagues bring into the office after the holidays?) With PaperCut version 14.0, you can easily plan and implement a complete BYOD printing strategy with the new, Mobile and BYOD feature set.

Email to Print is the latest addition to the Mobile story, rounding out the earlier capabilities of Google Cloud PrintiOS Printing and Web Print. Anyone on any platform can now print directly from their email accounts. We’ve also put together a three step approach for planning and deployment – which you can access directly from within PaperCut.

So no matter what device or platform your users bring to work, PaperCut has a managed print solution for you. If you haven’t considered BYOD and Mobile printing yet, the tools are here; now is the time.

Oops. We almost forgot the UI…
You might notice that PaperCut version 14.0 has a new look for the New Year. It’s still the PaperCut that you know and love… just a little cleaned up for the holidays.
We hope you like it.

And of course, the “Fine Print”
If you have a current subscription to Premium Upgrade Assurance, your upgrade to Version 14.0 is already included. Otherwise, one-time upgrades may be purchased via our on-line order system or through your PaperCut supplier. (Upgrading now will entitle you to all of the releases in the 14.x series throughout the year.)
Please take a look at the release histories for full details of all the features, enhancements and fixes included in PaperCut Version 14.0.

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PaperCut Goes Google-y with Version 13.5

Over the last twenty years, there has been dramatic change in the Print Management landscape. From the early 1990′s when System Administrators sought out obscure drivers from FTP sites; to the 2000′s when Support Engineers fought to deploy print infrastructure via Active Directory; to today, Print Management has never been more complex. The challenge for Network Managers lies in keeping pace with the explosive growth of “Bring Your Own Devices” (BYOD) – smartphones, laptops / notebooks and tablets.

To help with this challenge, PaperCut developed capabilities that support BYOD Laptops with Web Print, and iOS devices with iOS printing support. Today we are excited to announce the next part of the mobile print management story…


In PaperCut Version 13.5 we are integrating PaperCut’s Print Management solution with Google Cloud Print, catering for users of Chromebooks and Android devices. This capability has been developed in close partnership with the Google Engineering team over the past few months. It addresses a growing need to provide robust support for BYOD Print Management, specifically the growing adoption of Chromebooks in K-12 Education.

PaperCut's Google Cloud Print SolutionSystem Administrators can now set up and administer Google Cloud Print for their existing network with a simple process within the PaperCut Options tab. The solution extends to both “Cloud Ready” and “Classic” printers and multifunction devices (saving the need to purchase new hardware).

Once Google Cloud Print is set up, PaperCut V13.5 immediately provides control and tracking of all Google Cloud Print jobs, opening up the full suite of features including Find Me Printing and cost-saving Print Quotas.

As usual, this is a core feature for all PaperCut customers, with no extra licensing costs or add-on fees. (Yippee!!)

As you can imagine, there’s a lot more behind the integration of PaperCut and Google Cloud Print. We’ve answered some of the questions we get in a recent Knowledge Base article, Google Cloud Print Common Questions.

google-papercut-handshakeWe look forward to continuing our ongoing partnership with the Google Engineers built by our combined effort to bring the best of both Google Cloud Print and PaperCut’s Enterprise Print Management together.

Other headline features in this release are driven from feedback from you, our customers. We hope the new scripting APIs and Admin Release functionality help make life a little easier. Check out the Release Notes for the details:

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