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Most organizations don’t use PaperCut to “charge” their users. In an education-based organization, PaperCut is more often used to restrict users to a sensible quota - for example $5.00 a week. In business, PaperCut can be installed in a “silent logging” mode (see Print Logging), enabling the tracking of statistics. With PaperCut’s logging it’s possible to track; who prints the most, how much each departments prints, and which printers are the most used.

For this reason, some organizations like to remove the currency symbols from the PaperCut web tools and [Legacy] User Inquiry Tool. Only small configuration changes are needed in order remove the currency symbols.

To remove the currency sign in PaperCut

The currency sign can be removed in PaperCut with the following procedure:

  • Log in to the admin web pages
  • Go to the Options tab
  • In the Display section disable the currency display option
  • Press the Apply button

Also See: Why currency / unit based print accounting is better than counting pages

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