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Setting a custom watermark position on PCL5 documents


This article explains how to deal with a case where PCL5 watermarks print in the wrong position or do not print at all.


Applications that create PCL5 documents are required to know the printable areas of the printers that they will be printed on. PaperCut can place watermarks anywhere within the printable area of document pages, so it has to utilise the printable area reported by the document itself in order to place these correctly.

The PCL5 coordinate system has its origin at the top left corner of the page. Therefore if the printable area implied in a PCL5 document does not match the printer it is printed on, PaperCut watermarks positioned at the bottom of the page will be in the wrong location.


1) Go to Printer DetailsSummaryAdvanced ConfigurationApply watermark and digital signature to all pages

2) Set the position to Custom

3) Set drop down lists to Distance from top of page and Distance from left of page

4) Set the desired location of the watermark

As the PCL5 coordinate system has its origin at the top left corner of the page, this custom location will not depend on the printable area of the page that PaperCut deduces from the PCL5 document.

Please also note

“Full page” watermarking is not supported by PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF in conjunction with PCL5 drivers. If a watermark does not print, then there may be some description of why it did not under the “Application Log” subtab of the “Options” tab in the administration console. If there no description there, please read Reporting Watermark Problems.

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Last updated March 15, 2024