How can I find a user by their card number and erase it?

In many companies today with prox cards for entry and authentication, there is always the need to accommodate someone who has left their card at home, damaged or lost it, with a temporary replacement. While PaperCut self-association caters for the user linking the loan card with their account, the reverse is not as easy to accomplish automatically.

Fortunately there are 2 commands in the server command arsenal that can form part of any program or script to allow you to look up a user by their card No. and then to blank it out.

When used in conjunction with a USB card reader connected to a PC, with either a program/script of your design to capture the card No. or placing the cursor into the correct place in a batch file and tapping to add the card number. The following commands should form an easier way to manage card number removal.

Look Up User

look-up-user-name-by-card-no <card-no>
       Looks up the user with the given user card number and prints out their user name.
           If no match was found an empty line is printed out.
       <card-no> - The user card number to look up.

Blank Users Card Number

Pass the “username” retrieved above into:

set-user-property <username> <property> <value>
       Sets a user property.
       <username> - the name of the user.
       <property> - the name of the property to get. Valid properties include:
           primary-card-number - the user’s primary card number
           secondary-card-number - the user’s secondary card number
       <value> - Any text

When passing the username to the Set-User Properties, structure the command as below to blank out the card number field you are adjusting:

set-user-property “testuser” primary-card-number “ “

Note: There is a space in between the quotes above

Other Server Commands

For more information on using server commands and how to execute them, see Appendix A of the PaperCut manual.

Batch Import Option

It is also possible to clear Card/ID number by using Batch import method. You can set the value of the Card/ID PIN to “-“ to clear the existing number.

Information about batch importing user information is given here.

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