How do I install the PaperCut client software?

The client software is not a separate download but is included by default in the server installation. If you work or study at an organization and you need the PaperCut client installed, have a chat with your IT or Administration department and they’ll be able to tell you where to install it from (on your network).

If you’re a PaperCut Administrator, read on!

The client software (pc-client.exe or is optional and is only required if you wish to offer real-time feedback such as account balance, popup messages, and/or popup account selection. It is not used as part of the print control process - all this is implemented on the server-side. The client software is best described as a viewing tool and acts on the direction of server-side logic.

Regardless of your Operating System, more information on the installation process is available in the PaperCut User Client manual section.

On Windows:

During the server installation, PaperCut will set up a read-only network share called PCClient. You will find the client software for Windows, Mac and Linux workstations located in this share. This approach ensures that you have the matching client version always available via this share. More information on the installation process in the Services for Users manual section.

On Mac and Linux:

The client software is located at [app-path]/client. The directory again contains the client software for all platforms. You may optionally opt to share this directory using an appropriate technology.

The README.txt file located in this directory offers additional deployment advice.

Mac Installation Video:

Linux Installation Video:

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