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Google Workspace User Sync Add-on for PaperCut Hive and Pocket


If you are looking to start syncing your users from Google Workspace to your PaperCut Hive or Pocket org then read ahead to find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How do I setup Google Workspace User Sync?

Log in to the PaperCut Pocket or PaperCut Hive admin console, click the Add-ons tab and select Google Workplace User Sync. Follow the setup guide on the page.

What sort of Google Workspace account do I need to set up PaperCut Google Workspace User Sync?

To successfully connect your PaperCut Hive or Pocket org to your Google Workspace domain you will require a Google Workspace Admin account with access to the Domain, Users and Organizational Units you wish to sync from.

Does PaperCut Hive allow for syncing of Access Codes and/or swipe cards

Absolutely! In PaperCut Hive, the numbers associated with access cards (also known as swipe cards, ID cards, proximity cards, contactless cards, and building access cards) or the Access Codes which are used to log into an MFD can be synced from your Google Workspace directory.

For more information on setting this up: Syncing access codes and/or access card numbers from Google Workspace

Does PaperCut allow for syncing of groups for Hive and Pocket via this add-on?

Not at this time. We currently allow syncing of All Users across your available domains or selected Organizational Units. Group syncing will be in a future release.

Does PaperCut allow for single domain selection for Hive and Pocket via this add-on?

Not at this time. We will currently sync All Users across your Admin accounts available domains. For this reason we recommend syncing only desired Organizational Units if you are a multi-domain Admin.

We are looking at bringing in the possibility of Selectable Domains as part of a future release.

What happens if the admin who set up the Google Workspace User Sync add-on leaves my company or is no longer an admin?

If the Admin who enabled the Google Workspace User Sync add-on is no longer an Admin (e.g. they leave your organization) a prompt will appear in the add-on Status tab requesting that an Admin re-authorizes the add-on in Google Workspace. The new Admin will then go through the authorization flow again. This process will not disrupt your users ability to print however PaperCut will not receive any user updates or changes until the re-authorization is complete.

How does ‘Automatically delete users who are removed from the sync source’ work?

By enabling ‘Automatically delete users who are removed from the sync source’ in the add-on Configuration tab any user who is removed from the sync source will also be automatically removed from your PaperCut Hive or Pocket org upon the next successful sync. This includes whether the user is deleted from Google Workspace or if the Organizational Unit they belong to is removed from the selected list in the add-on UI.

Warning: A user who is removed from the PaperCut org will no longer be able to print and any print jobs they had pending may be lost.

What happens if I need to change a user’s email address?

A change to a user’s email address in Google Workspace will cause the user in your PaperCut Hive or Pocket org to be deleted and re-created with the new email address. This may disrupt their printing temporarily as they will need to accept their new user invitation, reinstall their client software on their PC or Mac and, if applicable, reinstall their mobile app. The user will also receive a new access code and may need to re-associate any swipe cards next time they use it at an MFD.

If a change of email is necessary we recommend having the user clear any pending unreleased print jobs as these may be lost during the process.

What happens if a user is temporarily suspended in Google Workspace?

If an administrator temporarily suspends a user in Google Workspace they will continue to be an active user in PaperCut Hive. Currently, the user would not be disabled or deleted.

Still have questions?

Let us know! We love chatting about what’s going on under the hood. Feel free to leave a comment below or visit our Support Portal for further assistance.

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Last updated September 15, 2023