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Why is my username saved?


The PaperCut User Client has the ability to remember your identity when using an Unauthenticated Computer such as a Laptop or Workgroup machine. This makes it quick and easy to see your balance.

If however there are multiple users for the machine, you may wish the client to not store this username. This is done by using the “neverrequestidentity” option either via the command line pc-client-local-cache.exe --neverrequestidentity or via the file and changing #neverrequestidentity=Y to neverrequestidentity=Y by removing the “#” from the start of the line.

Clearing the saved username

“But I already saved the username! How can I clear the saved details?”

It depends on whether the username being saved is the ‘Identity’ username, or whether the login is being saved as part of the ‘Authentication’ username. It’s worth taking a look through Identity vs Authentication if you’re not sure. There’s also some handy screenshots of the two different dialogs there.

If your username is getting saved because you’ve saved the ‘Identity’ of the user

If you check the “Remember my identity” checkbox, the username will be saved to the following file. Simply remove the file and restart the client and you’re good to go again.

  • Windows 10 (and 7) - C:\Users\[username]\
  • Windows (older versions) - C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\
  • Mac - /Users/[username]/Library/Preferences/PCClient/

If your username is getting saved because you’ve requested that PaperCut remember the Authentication of the user

If you select “Always” as the option in the “Remember” dropdown, the username will be saved in a cookie along with the authentication. Simply remove that file and restart the client and you’re good to go again.

  • Windows 10 (and 7) - C:\Users\[username]\pc-auth.cookie
  • Windows (older versions) - C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\pc-auth.cookie
  • Mac - /Users/[username]/Library/Preferences/PCClient/pc-auth.cookie

NOTE: If you’re finding that the ‘Always’ option is not working (i.e. you’re finding that after restarting the workstation you’re getting prompted for authorisation again) - make sure that the config key client.config.auth.ttl-values under Options → Actions → Config Editor, contains the −2 option. For security reasons, if −2 is not a valid TTL value on the server side, it will not be honoured on the client side.

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Last updated December 19, 2022