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End-User Transfer Feature



Q I run PaperCut NG in a school environment. My students are using the feature as a “chat program” by transferring small amounts back and forth. How do I prevent this?

The funds transfer feature is a powerful option and is great in school environments where students are conducting work in group projects. It allows students to pool their quota for the group project’s printing needs. The feature does however have its drawbacks and can be abused. One common problem is the abuse of the Comments feature.

The end-user transfer feature can be disabled at two levels. First, the comments field can be turned off via the option, Allow users to add comments to manual transfers. This allowed users to transfer funds but without the option to enter a comment. Alternatively the next level up is to completely remove the transfer feature. This can be done via the option, Allow users to transfer funds to other users. Both of these options are located under the administration management interface at:

Options -> General -> User Features

Future version of PaperCut will introduce the ability to restrict access to this feature at group level. This will allow administrators to limit the feature to “trusted” students such as those in senior years.

Q Is there a way to limit the minimum or maximum transfer amounts?

Yes. There are two system level config keys than control the limits. The relevant keys are:

user.transfers.min-amount - defaults to 0.01

user.transfers.max-amount - defaults to 999999999.99

These keys can be changed using the Config Editor under the Options section. Changing these limits/range can be a good way to minimize abuse of this feature.

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Last updated June 13, 2024