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What is Silent Monitoring Mode and how do I enable it?



Silent Monitoring Mode is not an individual setting in PaperCut. It’s better described as an implementation strategy. The aim is to implement PaperCut in a mode where:

  • All print jobs are logged
  • Users are unaware of the monitoring
  • The system never denies access to printing (e.g. user can still print when the balance drops below zero and no filter or restrictions are applied to stop print jobs from printing)

Silent Monitoring Mode is usually used in the following contexts:

  • In business where the goal is to track and monitor usage (as opposed to restrict).
  • In organizations during the first phase of deployment. That is, before quotas are implemented, this system is “tested” for a period in a non-obtrusive fashion.

To enable Silent Monitoring Mode:

1) Set all users to Unrestricted mode. This can be done by selecting the Unrestricted option during the configuration, or any time there after by using the Bulk user action… option any time and applying Unrestricted privilege to all users.

2) Don’t deploy the client software. PaperCut is implemented using 100% server-side logic. The client software is not require for simple print job monitoring.

To move away from Silent Monitoring Mode - say as phase two of your deployment project - set users, or a group of users, to Restricted privilege and assign quotas or require the user to add credit first (user pays).


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Last updated June 13, 2024