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Reset user counters back to zero


PaperCut tracks printer usage data for each of your users, and occasionally you might like to wipe the slate clean.

Resetting user counters

You can reset all user counters back to zero by navigating to:

Users -> Bulk User Actions -> Reset Counters

Why reset stats?

We’re happy to let you go ahead and reset those pesky stats - but it’s worth your while to step back for a moment or two and ask yourself that age-old question: why?

If your goal is to simplify periodic print reporting - consider making use of PaperCut’s powerful suite of report generation tools . We put a lot of work into them, it’d be a shame if they went to waste.

Bear in mind that by resetting user counters, you’re throwing away potential insight into your system’s usage.

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Last updated June 13, 2024