Universal Print Connector for PaperCut MF/NG - Release History

For more details on PaperCut MF features, see the PaperCut MF Release History, or the PaperCut NG Release History pages.

Version 2021–07–14–1405


  • Improved the new printer registration process from both the user interface and configure.exe tool. Registration no longer requires a restart of the Universal Print connector service. (t-90)
  • Improved the user experience when a locally registered printer is renamed or deleted. A ‘Not Available’ suffix will appear against the printer name in the user interface and Azure portal. This only appears for registered printers renamed after version v2021–07–14–1405. (t-98)
  • Improved the user experience when no local printers are available on the primary or secondary server. The user interface will now display a message letting the user know there are no printers available for that connector. (t-97)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue during the registration process that sometimes caused the progress dialog to indicate the registration failed but showed the printer as registered in the Azure portal. (t-91)
  • Fixed an issue occurring when a registered printer was renamed or deleted that caused the printer name to appear blank in the printer list for that connector. The renamed printer now shows in that connector as ‘Unknown Local Printer’ or with a ‘Not - available’ suffix (t-92)
  • Fixed an issue where print jobs were using the default paper size for the Sharp PCL6 drivers, instead of the selected paper size for that job. (t-95)

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