RM Network Monitor Service

The RM Network Monitor Service can stop logging information from a PaperCut secondary server reaching the main PaperCut application server.

For the Secondary server to communicate with the primary server the administrator will need to make sure that any Secondary servers are able to communicate (initiate a TCP connection) on port 9191. Administrators should also ensure that any firewall software on the primary Application Server is not set to block any incoming local network traffic on this port.

When the RM Network Monitor Service is running it will block traffic on port 9191, so PaperCut is unable to monitor the print jobs from a secondary server. This seems to only affect Windows 2003 and Windows XP machines acting as a Secondary server. Typically while the RM Network Monitor Service is running the printers from any Secondary servers will be displayed in the printer tab in PaperCut but no print jobs are logged against them. The RM Network Monitor Service is part of RM Auditor and can typically be found running from:

[app-path]/Research Machines/Auditor/Network Monitor

To resolve the problem either disable the service or contact RM for information on how to force the service to ignore port 9191. There is a RM update (CC4UPD093?) which installs a new version of the RM Network Monitor service. Once this is installed on the workstations PaperCut will work fine. The update is only available upon request from RM.

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