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Creating PaperCut Administrators



PaperCut sets up one administrator account called admin. This is the master administrator account, with access to all features, whose password is assigned during installation via the configuration wizard. In large organizations you often want additional administrators (e.g. server admins or printer administrators). Although you could give everyone the master password it is better to assign their accounts (e.g. Active Directory account) administrative privileges within PaperCut. They can then use their standard network account to login and administer PaperCut.

In PaperCut you can even grant some users only partial administration rights. For example, you might allow them to view and edit user settings but not modify printer settings.

For instructions on how to create administrators in PaperCut, see the manual chapter on administrator access.

Once administrators have been granted access, they will need to use the following URL to login to the admin interface:


In addition to the security benefits of not sharing the master password, individual administrator accounts help with auditing. All administrator login actions and major settings changes are audited via the Application Log (App. Log). Access Control for Reports has additional information regarding Admin Rights to reports.

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Last updated June 13, 2024