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In some organizations it may be a requirement, especially in hold/release queues, to hide document names in the print queues. This is often a requirement because of confidentiality requirements such as the names of tender documents or perhaps commercially sensitive documents.

Windows Server 2012 Print Queues

Note that Windows hides the document names in operating system versions Server 2012 and greater - regardless of the settings within PaperCut. The actual document name in the queue will be hidden for everyone except the owner - as detailed at the end of Step 5 in the ‘Important’ box. The name of the documents in the queue would appear as Print Document in this case.

When organizations desire the ability to hide the document names from the print server administrators, PaperCut also provides two methods to hide names of jobs yet to be printed;

Queue level hiding

Each queue can be configured to hide document names, allowing the Administrator to apply the feature selectively.

  1. Log in to the PaperCut Admin UI
  2. Navigate to the Printers tab
  3. Search for and select a printer
  4. In the Advanced Configuration section, enable ‘Hide document names for jobs in this queue’
  5. Apply the settings

Note: This functionality is available on Windows print servers running PaperCut v15.1 or later.

System level hiding

System level hiding is applied to an entire Print Server, hiding document names on all queues. If enabled, queue level hiding settings in the PaperCut Admin UI are ineffectual.

  1. Open the print-provider.conf located in [app-path]\providers\print\win\
  2. Locate HideDocumentNames=off and change to HideDocumentNames=on
  3. Optionally locate HideDocumentNamesText=[hidden] and change [hidden] to a value of your choice
  4. Save the changes to the print-provider.conf
  5. Restart the PaperCut Print Provider Service

Note: If you are running any Secondary Print Servers then the print-provider.conf file will need to be changed on each Secondary Print Server.

Also, you may also want to hide this in the PaperCut database. This is done via the Options tab → Privacy Options → “Log the document names of print jobs”

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