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PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF are separate software products. Both are developed by PaperCut Software and share 98% of the same code base. The difference between the two products can be summarized in brief as follows:

  1. Use PaperCut NG for an easy to use, cost effective, print tracking and control solution.
  2. PaperCut MF offers all the same feature as PaperCut NG plus the ability to capture and track off-the-glass copier activity (copy, fax and scan) via hardware-level integration.


FeaturePaperCut NGPaperCut MF
Unlimited printers at no extra costYY
License cost by number of usersYY
License cost for each device running embedded softwareN/AY
Can be totally implemented by in-house IT staffYN
Self-download and trial (40-days)YN
Support has to be provided by the local PaperCut resellerOptionalY
Supports all major operating systemsYY
Can track network print trafficYY
Can track local print trafficYY
BYOD and mobile printing support for all devicesYY
Supports secure print release and find-me/pull printingLimitedY
Works with online payment gatewaysYY
Can track and control walk-up features on MFDs (copy, fax, scan)NY
Includes Integrated Scanning to email, network folders and the cloudNY
Includes Job Ticketing feature for Print Rooms and FabLabsNY
Supports card authentication at printers and MFDsNY
Works with 3rd party print job release terminals and Payment KiosksNY

The PaperCut MF FAQ addresses the differences in a little more detail.

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