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Charging different users different amounts


Q Is it possible to charge a user, or a group of users, different amounts? I would like to offer discounts to selected users?

This is possible using a number of different methods:

Method 1 - Using printer-level overrides

PaperCut has a set of advanced printer-level override options at the user level. The option Multiply print costs by allows administrators to apply a global discount or global increase on a users printing (on PaperCut MF this setting also applies to copying and faxes). For example, by setting the “Multiply print costs by” to 50%, the user’s printing will cost 50% less. This option is available under:

  1. Select the Users section

  2. Select the user to receive the discount/increase.

  3. Select the Override printer-level settings option.

  4. Select the Multiply print costs by option and enter the appropriate percentage adjustment.

  5. Save the settings by clicking the OK or Apply button.

If you need to change the settings for a group of existing users, select Bulk User Actions from the Actions menu on the Users tab, then in the User Selection area select the Group to change. In the Change settings area select “Change advanced user settings” and follow steps 3 - 5 above.

If you want to make the change for all users that will be added to a Group, select the Groups tab then the Group that you want to change to open the Group Details. In the New User Settings area select “Use this group to define new user settings” then follow steps 3 - 5 above.

Method 2 - Use advanced scripting

PaperCut version 10.3+ includes a feature called advanced print scripting. The standard pre-written recipes cover various methods to modify job costs based on criteria. For example, see the recipe Discount for staff. More information:

We also have this KB article that goes into another way that print scripting can solve this problem.

Method 3 - Multiple Printers

  1. The printer can be set up twice - that is two logical printers mapping to the same physical printer.

  2. Give the printers names that represent their user base. For example “For Staff” and “For Students” may be an appropriate naming convention if you wish to discount staff use.

  3. Set group access permissions so only the respective users have access to the required printer. This is done by right-clicking on the printer, selecting Properties…, then the Security tab.

  4. Inside PaperCut, set up different costs on each printer. Users with access to the discounted printer will receive the discounted price.

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Last updated June 13, 2024