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How do I charge fractions of a cent for printing?



In most cases PaperCut’s default charging precision of whole cents is suitable. Some organizations may wish to provide finer detail on printing costs. PaperCut allows for displaying and storing of values from 0 to 5 decimal places. The default is 2.

You can change this value in PaperCut as follows:

  1. From the administration interface, navigate to OptionsGeneralDisplay Options.
  2. Check Change number of decimal places
  3. Enter the number of decimals you require. You can enter 0 to display no decimal places.
  4. Decimal places used in cost settings (e.g. printer costs) will adjust printer charging.
  5. Decimal places used elsewhere will make allow decimal changes which will show in all other areas of PaperCut, such as reporting, logging, etc.
  6. Press Apply.

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Last updated June 13, 2024