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What is the issue?

Customers may see ‘double jobs’ or ‘duplicate jobs’ being logged by PaperCut under Logs → Job Log, when printing from the Edge Browser or other Windows Applications.

The Solution:

PaperCut has added support to handle the recent XPS2GDI spool file format to log only one of these spool files after PaperCut version 17.0.6 if this spool file format occurs on the print server.

The Print Spooler double processing step normally occurs on the Windows 10 client machine prior to sending to the shared printer. This Windows default is called Client Side Rendering.

Here are the steps required to fix this issue:

  • Step 1: Ensure you are on at least PaperCut v17.0.6.
  • Step 2: On the Print Server, you’ll need to make the following change to all the print queues: Go to Print Management, right click the print queue, Properties tab, Sharing tab, make sure “Render print jobs on client computers” checkbox is enabled as shown in the screenshot below. This option is enabled by default.

Additional Steps for Toshiba Drivers:

Our customers using the Toshiba Universal Printer 2 driver in FindMe printing scenarios have reported print jobs will hang at the release printer. Here are the additional steps to fix the issues on the Print Server:

  • Step 1: Confirm you have done the two steps above under The Solution section first.
  • Step 2: Go to the Toshiba printer properties, Device Settings tab, Update Automatically will need to be unchecked.
  • Step 3: Click Account Settings button, User Authentication will need to be set to “Off” and then press “OK” and then “Apply”.

The screenshot below shows how to make the changes on the Toshiba driver that we highlighted in the steps: This setting is configured on the Print Server / Properties / Advanced / Printing Defaults / Device Settings.

Please let us know if you find other print drivers that require additional changes when printing from Windows Applications.

Further Information:

With the release of Windows 10, there has been an increase in customers using Windows 10 Applications for their printing needs. This includes the Edge browser. Windows 10 Applications are those which can be obtained from the Windows Store.

Popular Windows 10 Applications which support printing include Microsoft Reader, Edge browser, OneNote, Maps, and Photos.

When the print driver in use is Type 3, the spool file generated from these applications contains a special XPS2GDI tag. These spool file types are processed two times by the Print Spooler service. The first pass by the Print Spooler will generate a new spool file in the Page Description Language the printer understands. The Print Spooler service will send this second spool file to the device.

Customers have reported that PaperCut can track both spool files. The best PaperCut experience occurs when the print jobs are rendered on the client machine so the print server processes only one spool file. When this setting needs to be disabled in the environment and the double spool job issue is encountered, consider setting up another printer which targets the same device for the specific use case. Some print drivers do not fully support Client Side Rendering. Verifying the driver you wish to use in conjunction with Windows 10 clients is recommended.

When FindMe printing is configured, and the non default Server Side Rendering is encountered, the double spool file creation will occur on the release printer as shown in the screenshot below. In the case where the print jobs are still rendering on the server, one can see two print jobs for the single job sent in the release printer.

Some print drivers call specialized code execution at the time of printing which can interfere with print job redirection. The optimal setting is “Render print jobs on client computers” on the Virtual printers in the FindMe configuration.

Still finding Windows laptops sending XPS2GDI spool files regardless of the configurations outlined above? Please configure the group policy to prevent Server side rendering as detailed here Set up group policy or use the PowerShell commandlet “Set-Printer”, available on Server 2012 and greater, on the print server to also update the rendering mode in the Windows registry.

Open an elevated PowerShell window on your print server and run the following commands:

Set-Printer -Name PRINTERNAME -RenderingMode CSR

We discuss this setting change previously for specific configurations - for example in Common Web Print Issues and Print Queue Setup on Windows.

Group Policy instructions

The policy will need to be applied to the Windows client machines

  • Run gpedit.msc
  • Go to Computer Configuration → Administrative Templates → Printers → Always render print jobs on server
  • Edit. Select Disabled, OK

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