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Q I’m unable to install the Linux version and receive the following error:

   gunzip: stdin: invalid compressed data—format violated
   87+0 records in
   86+0 records out
   tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors
   Error: extraction failed

This message indicates that the installer is corrupt or failed to fully download. Please try downloading again. Some common causes of this are:

  • The software was downloaded via FTP in TEXT format rather than BINARY format
  • The software was downloaded on Windows and WinSCP was used in the process (this program corrupts *.SH files by changing the text format!)
  • The program did not fully download

The recommended method of download is to use the command line program wget in conjunction with a download URL retrieved from our website. An example is shown below:

   sh ./

Q When I install the Linux version, I receive the following errors:

  tar: papercut/providers/hardware…… : time stamp 2011–08025 14:39:42 is  1723090.801629397 s in the future

The machine that you are installing to has an incorrectly set clock. Its time is too old and so we get warning messages when extracting files which have a datestamp newer than the files in the installation archive. To fix this, fix the clock on your machine.

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