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(:title How to Enable Debug in HP FutureSmart Devices:)

This article covers obtaining logs from '''HP FutureSmart''' devices running the PaperCut embedded application. These steps also apply to '''HP OXP''' devices.  If you are running an '''HP Chai''' device see [[DebugLogsFromHPEmbedded|here]] instead.

# Log into the device's web admin interface.
# Navigate to @@Troubleshooting -> Retrieve Diagnostic Data@@.
# Select @@Create zipped debug information file@@.
# '''Uncheck''' @@Include crash dump files@@.
# '''Check''' @@Clean up debug information@@.
# Click @@Export@@.
# After a short wait a @@.jdp@@ file should be offered for download.  Save this file, '''being sure to maintain the original file name'''.  This file is an encrypted log file using your device's serial number as the key.  The serial number is in the filename, hence why it is important not to rename the file.
# Send the @@.jdp@@ file to us along with any relevant information:
** Approximate date/time you performed the test.
** Description of the problem, any errors that occurred, etc.
** Details of the test, including at least the username.
** Description of steps to reproduce the problem.

!!See also
* [[ReportingProblems|+]]
* [[DebugLogsFromHPEmbedded|+]]

''Categories:'' [[Category.Debugging|+]], [[Category.Troubleshooting|+]]
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