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The setup procedure for external databases is covered in Chapter 18.

PaperCut NG supports Microsoft SQL Server (32 and 64-bit, and Server Express), Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL out-of-the-box on all platforms. Please note that with SQL 2016 you’ll need to install Microsoft’s driver to get things working correctly: (see here for the steps for SQL 2016).

PaperCut NG’s framework is designed to support many other database systems. The main reason why we don’t support all these databases out-of-the-box is simply “time”. Each database we add adds a few days of testing to each release and may require custom upgrade scripts, additional documentation, and other procedures. The policy we’ve defined on external databases is as follows:

  • PaperCut will support an internal database + two commercial + two open source as standard. (i.e. Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL).
  • We can support other database systems on request. This is covered with a once-off cost combined with the initial standard license price.
  • Once 5 or more customers have subscribed to the alternate database, we’ll promote it to a “standard” database option and make available to all customers. (Oracle and MySQL are examples of this policy in action. Oracle was added as a standard option in April 2008, and MySQL was added as a standard option in 2009 after 5 customers subscribed to support for each of these databases.)
  • We operate in 100% transparency. The number of implementations of each database is outlined on this page and always updated.
  • Support means both support between PaperCut and database vendor versions, and technical assistance where required.

If you have any questions about support for an alternate database, please contact our development team via the support email address.

Current status for other databases:

  • Oracle: Complete. Now an official database option as of April 2008 after 5 implementations through 2006 and 2007.
  • MySQL: Complete. Now an official database option as of April 2009 after 5 implementations through 2008 and 2009.
  • IBM DB2: No implementations to date, only informal requests.

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