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Common Questions about External Databases



By default PaperCut uses an internal embedded database called Apache Derby which was initially developed by IBM and sold as Cloudspace DB. The internal Derby database that comes as standard with PaperCut is stable, scalable, self-maintaining and provides efficient performance. For this reason most organizations do not need to run PaperCut on an external database system.

PaperCut can also be run on external databases like Microsoft SQL Server (including the free Express Edition), PostgreSQL, My SQL or Oracle. The external database can be hosted on the PaperCut Primary server or on a separate server.

The following article is curated by the PaperCut support team and is meant to answer many common questions about external databases that are not already covered the corresponding section in our manual.

Q What is an External Database?

An external database is defined as any database other than the built-in Derby database that is packaged with PaperCut as standard.

Q When would I need or want to use an external database with PaperCut?

  • Your system is now sufficiently big that an external database improves performance. Have a look at our PaperCut Server Sizing Guide article to see if an external database is recommended in your environment.

  • You already have a database infrastructure and you want PaperCut to be managed the same way as your other databases

  • You want to run SQL queries on the PaperCut database, for instance in order to create custom reports. Note: Do not update the PaperCut database using SQL.

This topic is discussed in even greater detail in our article When should I run PaperCut on an External Database?.

Q How do I use an External Database with PaperCut?

If you’d like to run PaperCut from an external database, take a look through the help center information on Deployment on an external database (RDBMS).

Q What External Databases are supported with PaperCut MF/NG?

For the most up to date list of supported databases, take a look at the System Requirements pages for PaperCut MF and NG.

PaperCut supports Microsoft SQL Server (32 and 64-bit, and Server Express), Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL as standard. Please note that with SQL 2016, if you’re running PaperCut version 18 or earlier - you’ll need to install Microsoft’s driver to get things working correctly: (see here for the steps for SQL 2016). Version 19 of PaperCut includes the correct Microsoft SQL driver out-of-the-box.

Q What External Database should I use?

PaperCut has a number of supported external databases that can be used with your PaperCut installation. Deciding which one to use can be a difficult task.

We recommend asking yourself these two questions when deciding on a particular database.

  • What are you most comfortable using?
  • Do you have an existing database infrastructure you can use?

PaperCut does not have a preferred external database that should be utilized, and a large factor in deciding what external database you should use depends on your current knowledge of database administration. If you are already familiar with a family of database systems such as Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, or Oracle, then it would be best for you to use one that you’re familiar with.

If you have an existing database infrastructure already in place, you should look at incorporating the PaperCut database into it. This means you’re bundling multiple factors, including:

  • Previous knowledge
  • Administration
  • Backups
  • Costs

Other factors to consider might be:

  • Are you familiar with the maintenance of this database?
  • Will you know how to run your own custom reporting using our database schema?

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Last updated June 13, 2024