System requirements

  • PaperCut MF version and device types
  •  The PaperCut MF version is 18.2.0 or above, and the device is any one of the following:
    • Fuji Xerox ApeosPort V+
    • HP (OXP)
    • Konica Minolta (iOption)
    • Ricoh SOP running PaperCut MF for SmartSDK version 2.2.4+
    • Sindoh (iOption)
    • Toshiba (e-Bridge Open Platform V3+)
    • Xerox (EIP 3.0+)
  •  The PaperCut MF version is 18.3.0 or above, and the device is:
    • Kyocera running PaperCut MF for HyPAS version 2.3.1+
  •  The PaperCut MF version is 19.0.0 or above, and the device is:
    • Sharp OSA (HTML Browser n2.0+)
  • Printer drivers

  • Comments

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