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Supported Print Languages

The Watermarking feature in PaperCut generally works with standard print languages such as PostScript, PCL5, and PCL6 spool files. However, there are a few rare cases where watermarking doesn’t work as intended even when using one of these drivers. Fortunately these situations are easy to fix. See the list of limitations below:

  • When the document spools in the EMF format which may occur if Advanced Print Features is enabled.
  • When the document spools in the XPS format which may occur when Type 4 Print Drivers are used.
  • “Full page” watermarking is not supported in conjunction with PCL5 content.

Mixed Page Sizes and Orientations

PaperCut watermarking currently assumes all pages in a document will have the same page size and orientation, so funny things can happen with mixed documents, and occasionally the watermark may print at the wrong location. Luckily, depending on the driver type there usually is an easy workaround.

  • For PostScript use a bottom of page watermark.
  • For PCL5 and PCL6 use a top of page watermark. This is needed because the internal coordinate systems

for these languages have their page origins defined at the top left of each page.

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