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Setting the User Auto Generated ID Number Length


From 14.2, Administrators have the option of auto-generating ID numbers when sync’ing user information, as detailed on the Card/Identity Numbers Sync page. The users can also be configured to manage their own ID numbers and to auto-generate their own Card Numbers as detailed in the section Allowing users to manage their own card/ID number.

Setting the length of the User Auto-generated ID number

The length of the user auto-generated number will differ from the length defined under Options → User/Group Sync → Sync Source → Auto-generate random primary card/ID number when blank.

To set the length of the card numbers auto-generated when users select ‘Generate Number’ on the ‘Change Details’ tab of their User Web Page, you will need to set the config key:


By default it is set to 8. In the screenshot below you can see that it has been set to 5, where it auto-generates an ID with 5 numbers:

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Last updated December 16, 2022