Support for Sharp CR5 Atlas and Titan models with PaperCut MF

Please note 💡 This has now been resolved in our 22.0.2 maintenance release - available now. If you upgrade to this version you will not need to use the workarounds listed below.

Prior to PaperCut MF v22.0.2 it was necessary to implement the workaround detailed below to achieve embedded app support on Sharp Titan and Atlas devices.

This workaround is no longer required. PaperCut recommend any customers with Sharp Atlas or Titan devices update to MF v22.0.2.

Note: If the workaround detailed below has been implemented already, it is NOT necessary to revert the workaround configuration to upgrade to MF v22.0.2.

Previous instructions included for anyone using pre-22.0.2 builds

With the release of new Sharp CR5 Atlas and Titan Models there is a change of the built-in browser type to the chromium browser. Due to this change, full embedded support for Sharp CR5 Atlas and Titan models won’t be available until an upcoming Maintenance Release (MR) for PaperCut MF.

MR version 22.0.2 will provide full Sharp CR5 Atlas and Titan model support and is scheduled for release around mid July 2022.

Models impacted

Prior to availability of MR 22.0.2, a workaround can be implemented to support full functionality on these models:

  • BP-50C26/50C31/50C36/50C45
  • BP-55C26
  • BP-60C26/60C31/60C36/60C45
  • BP-70C26/70C31/70C36/70C45

This workaround has been tested with PaperCut MF 22.0. PaperCut recommends upgrading to PaperCut MF version 22.0.1 prior to implementing the work-around.

Workaround details

The attached SolBulletin 102 provided by Sharp UK details all steps required to implement the workaround.

Sharp UK Bulletin (PDF): SolBulletin 102- CR5 and Papercut.pdf

Three issues are resolved with documented workarounds. These are covered in “SolBulletin 102 CR5 and PaperCut.pdf”:

  • The auto configure option from the PaperCut admin portal does not currently work for CR5 products. The devices will require the OSA details to be manually populated on the MFPs web page.
  • When the device is configured you might see a PaperCut login page with no login options. To fix this, change the browser type to the n2.0 version.
  • When using a card swipe option, the device does not recognize the card swipe at the device. To resolve this issue, register the card reader and set the device to use IC Card for authentication.

View the Sharp UK bulletin

View the PDF here: SolBulletin 102- CR5 and Papercut.pdf

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