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(:title Renaming Domain Groups:)
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When PaperCut synchronizes against a user directory such as Active Directory, Open Directory, eDirectory, LDAP etc., it receives a list of groups by name.  The groups that PaperCut has been configured to "look at" (via the @@Groups@@ tab) are then synchronized so that the list of group members in PaperCut matches those in the domain.

When a group is renamed in the domain PaperCut has no way of knowing whether it is a newly created group or a renamed group.  Renaming a group in the domain will therefore not be automatically reflected in PaperCut.

To rename a group and have the changes reflected in PaperCut:
# Rename the group in your domain.
# Navigate to ''Groups -> Add/Remove Groups'' in the PaperCut admin interface.
# Add the "new" group (move it from ''selected'' to ''available'') and press '''Apply'''.
# Back at the @@Groups@@ tab, configure the new group so that it has the same settings as the "old" group.
# If you are using this group for shared account security (''Accounts'' tab), adjust the security settings for each shared account by removing the old group and adding the new one.
# If you are using this group for admin rights (''Options -> Admin Rights'' page), add the new group, configure the rights as per the old group, then remove the old group.
# The old group can now be removed via ''Groups -> Add/Remove Groups''.

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