Release and Cancel All Buttons on Release Station Interfaces

As environments get larger, we see more requests for the removal of the Release All and Cancel All buttons in our release station interfaces to ensure that release station administrators do not release the incorrect jobs. This article covers disabling these buttons in our release interfaces.

Disabling in the web-based Release Stations

The web-based Release Station is a popular feature primarily used in schools and universities. This admin interface allows a hold/release queue manager to release jobs for printers that are configured for Manager Mode Release.

To disable the Release All or Cancel All buttons from this interface, head to Options → Config Editor and search for the config key admin.release-station.can-release-cancel-all. Change this option to N and then click Update.

Once disabled, release and cancel buttons will not appear under Printers → Jobs Pending Release, or the [Server Name]:9191/release interface.

Disabling in the standard Release Station

The Standard Release Station is configured using a configuration file located in the directory where the release station executables are located. The default configuration file is [app-path]\release\

In this configuration file, you will have two configuration keys, show-print-all and show-cancel-all. These configuration keys are in Y/N format. The default is Y. To disable these, set both keys to N, remove the ## (comment) characters at the beginning of the line and restart the release station for the change to take affect.

Disabling in a PaperCut embedded installation

The ability to disable the Release All or Cancel All button is part of the PaperCut embedded software running on the device. Some embedded platforms may not be configurable to remove these buttons. To check, please refer to the PaperCut embedded manuals for your device(s).

Copies of the embedded manual for each platform are available through your PaperCut MF supplier.

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