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Importing/Exporting Card Numbers / Identity Numbers


In PaperCut a unique card/identity number can be associated with each user. This number may represent student or employee numbers and can assist in searching for a particular user using the quick find. (Do not confuse this number with top-up/pre-paid cards.) The number may also be used as an alternative to usernames/passwords for authentication at software release stations, or at hardware terminals attached to photocopiers.

Card numbers (or identity numbers) may be imported into PaperCut and associated with users using any of these methods:

The video below demostrates how to import ID numbers from a text file:

Exporting Card/ID numbers

It is possible to export Card/ID numbers by using the “User List” CSV report under Reports → User. Please be sure to export as a CSV as the ID numbers are only available in the CSV report and will not be displayed if the report is exported as a PDF or DOCX file! The report in CSV format provides information on all user’s primary as well as secondary Card/ID number.

NOTE: if you’re not seeing the card numbers listed in the report, but all the other data is showing correctly, check that Options → General → Display Options → Make Card/Identity Number visible is checked.

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Last updated February 15, 2024