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By the way: your log files and other information you send to us will be treated with care in accordance with our [[|privacy policy]].

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(:title How to Collect Windows Installer Logs:)

As of version 18.2.4, the PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF installer wizard for Windows automatically produces a setup log file. If your upgrade or installation on a Windows server encounters an issue before the installer reports completion, this log file might reveal the cause.

The log file can be found in the following location on modern Windows operating systems:

[@C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Temp\Setup Log YYYY-MM-DD #NNN.txt@]

... where [@username@] is the user account that executed the installer, [@YYYY-MM-DD@] reflects the date the installer was run, and [@NNN@] indicates the attempt number from that date (e.g. [@001@] for the first run, [@002@] for the second, and so on).

If you come across an issue with the Windows installer, this setup log file can be provided to your PaperCut MF partner to help with troubleshooting, or if you run PaperCut NG, it can be supplied in a ticket raised via Your PaperCut MF partner's contact details can typically be found under the '''Support''' section of the '''About''' tab in the Admin web interface.

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