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Enterprise Wide License


Licensing for Enterprise organizations

The standard PaperCut licensing model is designed for a single application server managing an organization-wide PaperCut NG/MF installation. We understand though that larger organizations do not always fit this licensing model.

Many organizations have several application servers that may be located across multiple countries and continents. We therefore have alternate licensing models available for Enterprise sized customers.

Organizations with one physical site

The standard installation and licensing for PaperCut MF/NG is based on a single application server managing an organization’s print environment.

  • PaperCut NG is licensed based on the total number of users.

  • PaperCut MF is licensed based on the number of embedded devices.

Enterprise Organizations

PaperCut offers an Enterprise-Wide license on request to use across multiple sites. This license is offered as an exception and is not a standard licensing model. To apply for this license an organization must meet the following criteria to be considered for this license type.

There are two standard scenarios in which your enterprise licensing can work.

The organization has one central coordinated IT team to manage its network across all locations and cities.

In order to qualify, the sites will need to meet the following requirements:

  • The organization must nominate a single point of contact for PaperCut support.
  • The organization’s IT team must ensure that the sum of devices across all sites is not greater than the purchased license.

The organization has local IT teams managing their application servers in multiple sites. In this case, licenses can be purchased for each location to cover the total number of MFDs for all sites.

  • These individual licenses can be installed across multiple sites/servers/domains within a single organization.
  • This option is ideal for multi-campus academic institutes or corporate businesses with multiple office sites located in different countries.
  • If the organization is unable to meet these requirements, we offer special pricing for licensing across multiple sites.

If you are unsure if the Enterprise or standard licensing model is for you, please reach out to our Customer Care and Technical Services teams through the Customer Care Contact Form. We would be more than happy to assist with determining the most appropriate licensing model for your organization.

Please note: For copyright licensing reasons the request to use a single PaperCut license across multiple sites should be made in writing to PaperCut software through the Customer Care Contact Form

As a general rule a separate license is required for each physical site, except where noted and approved. These requests are considered on a case-by-case basis.

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Last updated May 13, 2020