Email to Print Gmail blocked sign-in attempt problem

When setting up Email to Print with a Gmail mailbox there’s one common issue that’s reported to PaperCut Support quite often.

You’ve entered the IMAP settings correctly in the Options → Mobile BYOD → Email to Print but it’s not starting.

Email To Print Status Starting…

If that’s the case, then please check the Gmail inbox you’re attempting to connect to PaperCut for Email to Print. You could have an email about a blocked sign-in attempt from a less secure app as below:

Gmail email Review blocked sign-in attempt

You could also be seeing an Error while fetching mail log entry in your Application Log, under Logs → Application Log. As Below:

Error Log Email to Print

The reason for this is because by default Google will block sign-in attempts from the PaperCut Server. The workaround for this is to allow less secure apps to access your account by logging into your Google account and going to the following page:

Less Secure Apps Settings

Once this has been enabled, Email to Print should begin working with your gmail account.

More information on this Google Help article:

For more detailed troubleshooting information about PaperCut and email, have a look at our article Troubleshooting email issues with PaperCut NG/MF.

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