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Does PaperCut offer competitive cross-grade discounts?


A cross-grade discount is a discount provided as an incentive to switch from a competing product. Traditionally at PaperCut we’ve not offered cross-grade discounts instead focusing more on new sites rather than cannibalizing competitors. As an engineering driven organization, we see such tactics as a bit too “marketing heavy”! Things are however a little different today. Print management/control software is now a mature industry and there are dozens of products that have dropped by the wayside and are either not actively developed, showing their age, or too expensive to maintain. Up to 20% of our sales and much higher is some segments (such as on Novell sites and large Universities) come to PaperCut from a legacy print management application. PaperCut is usually their first choice as we’re the modern cross-platform solution under rapid development: The solution that supports all the cool stuff like Web Print, clustering, customizable web interface, refund management systems, online payment gateways, … as standard.

We will consider offering cross-grade discounts for selected applications. These include but are not limited to:

  • PCounter - both Windows and Novell versions
  • Equitrac Express
  • Equitrac Office
  • SafeCom
  • Ysoft SafeQ
  • Print Manager Plus
  • Gaia Print Charger
  • Pharos
  • GPAS - Novell iPrint.
  • Home grown print accounting systems, or systems based on open source software such as pyquota.

If you feel you are eligible, and a cross-grade discount would help convince your organization’s budget holders to approve the conversion, please contact us. Discounts are offered in the form of a special order code that can be used inside our order system while placing a quotation or an order.

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Keywords: crossgrade , special order codes , conversion vs status quo , switch


Last updated July 5, 2023