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User Client

The PaperCut NG/MF activity tracking and charging is implemented using 100% server-side technology. The User ClientThe User Client tool is an add-on that resides on a user's desktop. It allows users to view their current account balance via a popup window, provides users with the opportunity to confirm what they are about to print, allows users to select shared accounts via a popup, if administrators have granted access to this feature, and displays system messages, such as the "low credit" warning message or print policy popups. software is not required as part of the activity monitoring process.


The use of client software for activity monitoring could open up security problems as client software is readily accessible to end users. By design PaperCut Software developers endeavor to implement all monitoring at the server level eliminating client-side loopholes. The client software supplied with PaperCut NG/MF is a presentation layer around server-side implementation.

The User Client facilitates four tasks:

The User Client is available for most major platforms. For more information about installing the User Client, see:

The User Client software is installed automatically on the server under the [app-path]\client directory. On a Windows based server this directory is automatically shared in read-only form providing network users with access to the client executables.

The following sections contain further information about the User Client:


You can customize the behavior of the User Client, such as where on the screen it pops up or which option is selected by default. For more information, see Configure the User Client using the command-line. To educate the users about the User Client, administrators might find the Example user information sheets helpful.


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