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Copy printer settings

Another way to quickly configure printers and have a consistent charging policy is to copy printer settings (costs, filtersFilters allow you to control attributes of the print settings by either forcing a particular attribute or denying a a print job that does not meet specific criteria. There are two types of print filters: conversions and restrictions., etc.) from one printer to another.


Copying settings to printers is a one-way operation and cannot be undone. Always carefully consider the operation before proceeding. If you are unsure of the function or behavior, performing a backup prior to undertaking the operation is advised.

To copy printer settings from one printer to another:

  1. Click the Printers tab.

    The Printer List page is displayed.

  2. Select a printer.

    The Printer Details page is displayed showing the Summary tab contents.

  3. In the Actions menu, click Copy settings to other printers.

  4. Choose which settings to copy. There is a choice of the cost and the filter settings.

  5. Select the printers / printer groups to copy the settings to.

  6. Click Copy to perform the copy.


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