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Mobile web client

When printing from a desktop or organization-owned laptop, the User Client provides a range of functionality such as

  • showing the user their balance / quota,

  • delivering notification messages,

  • confirming the cost of jobs and

  • allocating jobs to shared accounts.

For user-owned and mobile devices it might not be possible or practical to deploy (or have the user install) the desktop client. Instead, the Mobile web client offers most of the same functionality and can run in a web browser on nearly any device.

In most cases, use of the Mobile web client is optional and serves only to provide information to users about their print jobs. Its use is required when

  • user interaction is required, such as popups for confirmation, account selection or from a print script,

  • printing from an iOS device, where the Mobile web client is required to authenticate the user.

The Mobile web client can be accessed from a web browser at http://[servername]:9191/client. Rather than have users type the URL into their browser, we recommend providing a prominent link, for example, on an intranet page, or deploying a link to devices where possible. Specific instructions for deploying to iOS devices are available in The PaperCut NG/MF iPad / iPhone App (Mobile web client).

In cases where user interaction is required, users might require some prompting to remind them to use the Mobile web client. For Google Cloud Print and Email to Print jobs, a reminder email message can be sent if no action is taken for some time (90 seconds after submitting the job by default).

To configure an email reminder:

  1. Click the Options tab.

    The General page is displayed.

  2. In the Actions menu, click Mobile &BYOD.

    The Mobile &BYOD page is displayed.

  3. In the Common Mobile Printing Options area, select the Send a reminder email when a job requires user action (e.g. account selection) check box.
  4. Click Apply.


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