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The PaperCut Global Print Driver greatly improves the Find Me Print scenarios by providing a way of abstracting many manufacturer’s devices behind a single print queue.

Installing a 32bit (x86) version of the Papercut Global Postscript driver can be problematic when the target machine is 64bit (x64).

You can find the PaperCut Global Postscript driver files where PaperCut is installed: [app-path]\PaperCut NG\providers\print\drivers\global\win\PC-Global-Print-Driver

When adding drivers to an existing printer, please follow the guidance available here:

Use Add Printer Wizard or Add Printer Driver Wizard to install the PaperCut Global PostScript driver with the Have Disk option. The Add Driver Wizard requires a Processor selection.

Point to the location where the files were unzipped.

Select Install on the Windows Security pop up.

If prompted for Windows files, point to the location that contains these components. Typically C:\windows\system32\DriverStore\FileRepository\ntprint_x86… source.

If you have any issues with this procedure, please email

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