Adjusting the values used in the environmental impact calculations

PaperCut can provide numerous environmental statistics figures that can be used to assess the impact that your paper usage has had on the environment including:

  • Trees worth of paper used
  • Energy used to produce the amount of paper used
  • Carbon emitted to produce the amount of paper used

In order to provide these statistics, PaperCut uses figures based on cited sources. For example, to calculate the number of trees consumed PaperCut performs the simple calculation: paper used x pages per tree = trees consumed.

In versions of PaperCut prior to version 15.1, the pages per tree value used by PaperCut was 80,500, however in version 15.1 this value was updated to 8333.3 pages per tree which reflects the findings of newer and more relevant scientific research on the issue. Similarly, the CO2 grams per sheet and watt hours per sheet values were also updated in 15.1 version. However, all of the environmental figures used by default assume that the paper being used is uncoated virgin (un-recycled) A4 office paper. If you are using recycled paper, these values should be adjusted (see the steps below).

Note: The new environmental statistics values will only be applied to new installs of PaperCut 15.1 and beyond, this means that installations that have been upgraded to 15.1 will still be using the old values for the statistic calculations. To use the new values follow the steps listed below.

Updating the values used for the calculations

IMPORTANT: Take care when using the Config Editor. If you use the Config Editor incorrectly, you may cause serious problems which can only be fixed by reinstallation of the application.

The PaperCut User Guide has additional instructions for Using the Config Editor. Administrators can edit config keys using the following procedure:

  1. Login to the PaperCut Administration Console.
  2. Navigate to the Options tab.
  3. Click on the โ€œConfig editor (advanced)โ€ link in the Actions menu on the left.

The following keys should be adjusted based on the paper used throughout your organisation:

  • environment.sheets-per-tree
  • environment.co2-grams-per-sheet
  • environment.watt-hours-per-sheet

The PaperCut User Guide has additional information for Environmental Impact, the meaning of each of the listed config keys as well as the default values used in the latest version of the product.


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