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Job logs and print reporting - discovering your organization’s print behavior

🔎 Find this feature in the admin interface: Explore

Once you’ve got everyone smoothly printing from every conceivable device, the next things you’ll wonder are ‘How much are people printing?’, ‘What’s my top used printer?’, ‘What’s my least-used printer?’ or ‘How much scanning does Sam do?’.

You can find all this information and more within the Explore section of the admin interface.

Screenshot of the PaperCut Pocket and Hive 'Story tree' showing interesting insights to your organization's printing behavior.
PaperCut Pocket’s Story Tree, with interesting insights about the busiest time of day, the most active users, and more!

Story Tree

Explore > Story Tree

This illustrated timeline gives you a refreshed story about your organization’s printing habits every month. Wondering about the top users, or the least used printers? Hop in here to see some interesting observations about the print behavior at your site.

There will also be hints and tips on how to change behavior if you agree - for example, if 99% of people are printing in color, it might be time to check out the Reduce Waste: Black and White Printing section, which has some handy ways to suggest to users that documents could be converted to a less costly black and white format.

Job Log

Explore > Job Log

This really does what it says on the tin - all your print jobs, logged with the document name, status, properties (like 2-sided or color), who printed it, and when. You can search for jobs (including using that secretive Digital signature watermark from the Print Security section) or export them for use in another system too.

You can also click into a specific job and see its history - when was it originally printed? When was it released? Was there a watermark applied to it? It’s all in the Activity pane when you select a particular job.

If you’re using PaperCut Hive along with the device embedded app, you’ll also see copy jobs and scan jobs listed in exactly the same way.

Activity Log

Explore > Activity Log

This is the behind-the-scenes log of activity that’s useful for clearing up those burning questions around the ‘when’ and ‘by who did what’. Find out who viewed what, when - or when someone was made an admin.

You can even search for patterns. Do you have a suspicion that you keep getting called to that MFD down in the basement complaining about a paper jam? Pop the device name into the activity log search and low and behold - the jamming history is revealed in an icon-assisted timeline.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

I can see a print job thumbnail in the job log - how do I get rid of that?
If you want to remove the job preview thumbnails, hop into the admin interface and head into Configure > Print Security > During Printing > Privacy & Compliance > Thumbnail visibility. Or check out the Job thumbnail page for more detailed info.
Where are the job and activity logs stored and for how long?
Both the job and activity logs are stored within the PaperCut cloud service and are held indefinitely. Check out our Terms of Service page for more detailed info.