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Supported printer guidelines

Second only to the nervousness of reading ‘batteries not included’ when unwrapping a birthday present - the question of ‘But will my printers be supported?’ is bound to come up when discussing Pocket or Hive.


To talk to the printer, PaperCut Pocket and Hive use IPP or IPPS (Internet Printing Protocol, and then the secure version of the same thing). Check to see if your printer supports IPP - it’ll sometimes be listed under a ‘security’ feature or sometimes as a ‘network protocol’ or ‘printing protocol’ or something similar. Most modern printers support IPP so hopefully this won’t be a stumbling block.

The ‘language’ we use to send the print job to the device is PDF - so if your printer supports PDF as a printer language - you’re good to go! This is normally listed as the ‘printer language’ or ‘language’ on manufacturer websites.

Devices (or ‘MFDs’)

When it comes to PaperCut Hive, you have more options. PaperCut Hive lets you install an app onto the device itself:

  • Lite App - this allows you to log into the device to release your print jobs, instead of using the Mobile App to release them.
  • Embedded App - this allows you not only to release your print jobs by logging into the device, but also lets you track copying and scanning through PaperCut Hive. Similar to PaperCut MF, if you come from that world!

Note that this is only intended as a rough guide to device compatibility. Have a chat with your local PaperCut Hive reseller to discuss your requirements and options on each device.

Hive - Lite app Hive - Embedded app
Fuji Xerox Yes
(ApeosPort V5 or later required, and Browser v5 or above)
(ApeosPort V5 or later required)
HP Yes
(OXPd and Workpath supported)
(OXPd. Including 4.3” screens)
Konica Minolta Yes
(i-Option required)
(OpenAPI 4.0 or later required. Production Print devices not supported)
Kyocera Not yet Yes
(Webkit “NetFront” browser, 7 inch panel (or larger), HyPAS enabled)
Ricoh Not yet Yes
(Smart SDK 2.12 or above required, Fiery devices not supported, HDD or Micro SD required)
Sharp Yes
(OSA 5.1+ and n2.0 browser required)
(OSA 5.1+ and n2.0 browser required)
Toshiba Yes
(V3 or above required)
(V3 or above required)
Xerox Yes Not yet
Canon Not yet Not yet

Supported printers frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Do you support any other print languages (other than PDF)?
At the moment PDF is the only supported option - we are also looking to support URF in the not-too-distant future.
What if my printer doesn’t support PDF as a print language?
Don’t worry! You can still use that printer with Pocket or Hive. You’ll need to configure the printer on a machine that is normally switched on - so that the Edge Node can use the local print queue to send jobs to the printer. In short, if you have a Super Node set up, add a print queue for the printer in question, and you should be all set!