Watermarking is a feature that allows you to print a small portion of text to the top or bottom margin of every page. Typical uses of watermarking include:

  • Adding a username to the bottom of every page to help identify the owner.
  • Writing job metadata in the footer such as print time, printer or document name.
  • Applying a digital signature to help track and verify documents.

What Does a Watermark Look Like?

A Typical PaperCut Watermark
A Typical PaperCut Watermark

Watermarks can contain any fixed text or text from variables such as user, date/time and printer.

The watermark above includes variables for user name, date and time of printing and digital signature and was created with the settings below.

PaperCut Settings for Watermark
PaperCut Settings for Watermark shown above

Digital Signatures

Digital signatures are a new and innovative feature added to PaperCut to help organizations track the origin, author and details of print jobs. It helps organizations track documents and encourages employees to be responsible with sensitive information.

Digital signatures use either a cryptographically secure HMAC or a Bates number.

A digital signature can be printed on all pages of a document.

PaperCut Watermark with Digital Signature
PaperCut Watermark with Digital Signature

The signature can then be used to locate job metadata such as author, time of print and document name.

Searching job log for signature
Searching job log for signature b608c7a39f08643768051217f2f5315a

Also see the Watermarking section of PaperCut manual.