Resiliency with Site Server

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PaperCut Site Server ensures continuous availability of printing resources to support key business functions over unreliable network links or during unplanned network disruptions.

Site Server is a key component of PaperCut's multi-server architecture.


Unplanned outage and downtime without PaperCut Site Servers
Network outage / disaster without a resilient solution.

Reliability when you need it most

The PaperCut Site Server is ready to take over the role of a Primary Application Server in the event of network outages. Key roles taken over include authentication, copy and print tracking and Find-Me printing.


PaperCut Site Server as part of your disaster recovery plan
PaperCut Site Servers ensure high availability of print resources.


Site servers deliver:

  • High availability of print and copy resources
  • Seamless failover during an outage, transparent reconnection once resolved
  • Easy installation into any multi-server environment and easy to retrofit to existing sites
  • Minimal ongoing maintenance requirements
  • Support to all PaperCut MFD solutions

Multi-site, multi-server environments

PaperCut Site Servers work in conjunction with Secondary Print Servers as well as embedded MFD solutions and hardware to provide an effective failover solution if the Primary Server cannot be contacted.


PaperCut Site Server working within multi-site network environments
Multi-site, multi-server resilient deployment with Site Server.

Note: The site and print servers shown as separate servers for illustration purposes. They can be installed on the same server.

Easy Installation

PaperCut Site Server installs in minutes with minimal configuration requirements. Interested in diving deep? Our Application Engineers will take you through this simple process.


PaperCut Site Server Installation.

For more information about installation, see our Knowledge Base Article: Common Site Server Questions.