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Free software

At PaperCut, community is important. We created a little piece of software to help one school monitor their printing and reduce waste, this was just the start.

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No matter how big or small

We know what it's like to start small and dream big. We offer small business and start-ups the chance to experience enterprise level print management software for free. The same software is also available at discounted rates to educational institutions in developing nations. Or if you're already in business and just need to see the volume of print, try our free PaperCut Views application.

Then there's our skilled developers, who just code on the weekends for fun, giving back to the global community with world-class Open Source code.

To see more on any of our free products, select one below

PaperCut Mobility Print

Your #1 BYOD solution & Google Cloud Print alternative

PaperCut Mobility Print product logo

Automatically install drivers to print from a mix of Chromebooks, iPads, iPhones, Macs, Windows, and Android devices.

  • Native printing from any application.
  • Compatible with PaperCut MF and NG for full control and visibility over BYOD printing.
  • Easy self-setup for users.
  • Globally proven and preferred by 10 million users (with over two million active Chromebooks).
PaperCut Mobility Print product dashboard image

PaperCut NG free trial license

Print management free for small business and startups

PaperCut NG product dashboard image
PaperCut NG product logo

Supporting you whilst you build your business, PaperCut NG takes the burden and cost out of print management.

This fully featured 5 user free license is included with the standard trial.

If you have more than 5 users, you can purchase a license on-line when you need to.


PaperCut NG developing world license

Discounted PaperCut NG pricing for organizations based in developing countries

PaperCut NG product logo

Based in a developing country? You can get PaperCut NG at a discount (or for free) to find your feet a little easier.

You can also get a discount if you're a charity or non-profit organization – and it can stack with your Developing World License discount. Find out more

PaperCut NG product dashboard image

PaperCut QRdoc

The power of digital documents – on paper

PaperCut QRdoc product illustration
PaperCut QRdoc product logo
  • Stamp your documents with a QRdoc code and unlock the powerful digital features.
  • Find text in your printed document.
  • Email paper documents without scanning.
  • Open the digital copy of any printed document.
  • Follow printed documents, magazines or brochures and know when new versions are out!

PaperCut Views

See your printing from a new perspective

PaperCut Views product logo

Real-time print analytics, insights and forecasts.

With the power to forecast your toner and printing supplies, PaperCut Views gives you the insights you need to stay ahead of your business' printing needs.

100% free, quick and easy to install. Your printing headaches will be gone in no time.

PaperCut Views product dashboard image

PaperCut Print Logger

Real-time print activity logs

PaperCut Print Logger product dashboard
PaperCut Print Logger product logo
  • Just want to compile printing into a log?
  • Don't need all the bells & whistles that come with PaperCut NG?
  • Happy to pull raw data into excel or other reporting software?

Then Print Logger may be all you need!

It's a free Windows print logging application detailing all printer use through activity logs. Provides data of who, when and how much is being printed.


Open Source Projects

At the core of PaperCut are our devs - a talented team of uber-geeks with code in their DNA.

We encourage thinking outside the square and play an active part in the Open Source community. Check out some of our projects: