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Based in a developing country? You can get PaperCut NG at a discount (or for free) to find your feet a little easier.

You can also get a discount if you are a charity, non-profit or school. Reach out to learn more about PaperCut NG.

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We do our best to create software our customers can enjoy, no matter the budget!

PaperCut was founded on the idea of saving paper and making easy to use software that just works. Which is why we feel passionately about offering our PaperCut NG for free or at a discount for those who need a helping hand.

Can you tell me more of who would qualify?

Good question. We generally consider qualifying applicants from “low-income countries” as defined by the IMF (International Monetary Fund) while also considering the applicant's industry.

While we can’t always guarantee low-income country applicants free PaperCut NG software, we can offer discounted pricing if you also work in industries like charities or nonprofits, public schools, or certain commercial organisations.

What happens once I submit my application form?

Once submitted, your application goes to our internal sales team within your region, who then reviews the information you provide with the above qualifications. If your application is approved, your PaperCut representative will contact you and send a quote based on your special pricing.

Does this special pricing also apply to MF?

This special pricing only applies to PaperCut NG. It does not apply to PaperCut MF.

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Want to get going?

Of course you do!

One of our customer care team will get in touch to work out the best way to get PaperCut NG into your organization.

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