Shared Accounts

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PaperCut has two types of accounts that are used for client billing or cost allocation: personal accounts and shared accounts. Each user automatically has a personal account. This is the default account charged under normal operation. In some organizations and businesses it may be useful to provide users (or selected users) with the option to charge printing to a shared account. Some uses of shared accounts include:

In a business (e.g. legal, medical, engineering, accounting, and architecture firms):

  • Allocate and budget printing by business areas (e.g. cost center)
  • Track printing by project, phase, client or account
  • Track printing by client/matter - popular in legal and accounting firms

In a school or university:

  • Budget staff use via shared faculty or department accounts
  • Provide shared accounts for classes or subjects
  • Track printing costs by subject area

Methods for allocating Shared Accounts

There are multiple ways to allocate costs – automatically, directly at the MFD, or using client software on laptops and desktops.

If you are using Web Print, our print solution without drivers, click here to find more information about Shared Account Web Print.

Automatically allocating to a Shared Account

An admin can automatically allocate print jobs to a department, client, or cost centre for individual users. Click here for more information on how to set this up.

Allocating to Shared Accounts at the MFD

PaperCut MF users can select which shared account to charge to – right at the MFD, and at the time of job release. This gives them the choice to print from their computer using the user client, or from their personal device without needing to install the Client Tool.

This is a great option for organizations using Mobility Print or any of our other mobile or BYOD printing solutions because it means no extra steps - just allocate an account and collect your print jobs all at once.

Allocating to Shared Accounts from your PC

Jobs printed from a PC can be allocated to shared accounts via a customizable Client Tool that’s displayed after sending a print job. There are two types of Client Tool options are available:

  • Standard - A simple solution for organizations with a few accounts or less complex cost allocation requirements .

    Standard account selection popup

  • Advanced - An advanced solution for users with many accounts – or more complex cost allocation needs – with features such as search, preference lists, recent selections, cost adjustments, comment entry and invoicing options. This is ideal for businesses, including engineering, legal, accounting and architecture firms.

    Advanced account selection popup

    Note: Both of these options require the PaperCut Client Tool to be installed on a user's computer.

Shared Account Access Control

Access to accounts is controlled via integrated network group membership or optionally PINs.


  • Choose which users can charge to shared accounts

  • Select "confirmation mode" to allow users to confirm their print via the Client Tool
  • Control access to shared accounts via PIN's or network security groups