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When purchasing a piece of software it's important to see that it's alive. It's no fun riding a dead horse. We've all seen applications that look and feel old, giving the impression of holding you back rather than evolving with your infrastructure.

PaperCut, like all the best applications, is under active development.

The history of PaperCut's print tracking software dates back over 10 years. Over this time it has evolved, seeing a complete re-write in 2004 to put PaperCut on top of a modern architecture. This latest re-write has allowed rapid addition of features and to take advantage of technologies such as clustering, database independence (allowing deployment on several types of external database), web services, a service watchdog and asynchronous IO.

Our release history is testament to this rapid development. Just take a look at all the new features in the last year alone!

Here are some of the reasons you will find PaperCut to be modern and very much alive software:


PaperCut continues to provide state of the art features to help you leverage your printer resources more effectively.

The browser based administration and user interfaces allow access from anywhere on your network using your existing infrastructure.

The mobile iPhone interface, advanced scripting, find me printing and printer load balancing are examples of features that were recently added.


Our release often policy, along with our modern design and development practices, means that issues are addressed quickly, features are added on a regular basis and new versions are in your hands as soon as possible.

Lines of PaperCut source code over time
Lines of PaperCut source code over time. Like any good software PaperCut is under active development! *

Modern Software

In the past it was normal for purchased software to do exactly what it says on the box and nothing more. Today there are expectations that software will provide additional features to support integration and customization; the kind of features that are of exceptional value to the small percentantage of people who use them.

PaperCut includes plenty of such features, including print scripting and an XML web services API with good support for all major languages such as Java, C#, PHP, Python, Ruby, Visual Basic and Perl.

PaperCut also integrates with e-commerce and payment gateways via our payment gateway module, including services such as PayPal, VeriSign, CyberSource and Authorize.Net.

* This graph is from a blog post by Chris about PaperCut's active development. The rest of the post can be found here.