Browser Based Admin

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PaperCut's web-based application makes it easy for administrators to log in at any browser on any platform, removing the need to install additional software. Install from a direct download and enter your license without the need to configure your own web server. The web interface has easy-to-find tabs, effects, and transitions for a traditional desktop application user experience.

Central Administration

Users tab showing the list of monitored users
  • All data is available in the same place, even from remote print servers or locally attached printers
  • The same features and settings are available from anywhere you feel like logging in
  • Access the system from anywhere on the network using a standard web browser

Administer Users

Users tab showing the list of monitored users
  • Uses your existing domain/network user accounts
    • Windows Active Directory
    • Windows Standard (local users and groups for workgroup environments)
    • Google Cloud Directory
    • Azure AD Secure LDAP
    • LDAP (Apple OpenDirectory, Novell eDirectory, OpenLDAP, etc.)
    • Samba
    • Unix Standard (local users and groups / NIS / POSIX)
  • View user printing activity at a glance
  • Control users allowances, print quotas and credit balances
  • Modify user account balances with full transaction history and comments
Details page for a user

Administer Printers

Printers tab showing the list of monitored printers

Use Domain Groups to Simplify Administration

Groups tab showing \'staff\' and \'students\' domain groups
  • Monitor printing at network/domain group level
  • Schedule quota allowance at group level
  • Define rules for new user creation (self management)