Printing without a print server

Print management for networks without print servers

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No print server? No problems!

PaperCut makes it easy to print directly from a computer to a printer without a print server. Businesses of any size can track and report on printing keeping configuration, administration and reporting simple.

This alternative PaperCut deployment model simplifies setup for many organizations, alleviating the need to add a print server or change printer and network configuration, saving time and setup costs on install.

No-added infrastructure for SMBs

As a Small to Medium Business (SMB) you might not have dedicated IT support or are using a lean or cloud-based network infrastructure. In any case, you don't need to budget for added infrastructure.

Managed print in small business with PaperCut's Direct Printing.

A simple SMB configuration with computers and an App and Database server.

Minimize hardware in branches or distributed offices

Direct Printing is ideal for organizations with distributed branches, including post offices, bank branches, gas stations, and retail outlets. Headquarters (with a print server) can track and report on printing, but avoid the cost and maintenance of having a print server in each branch.

PaperCut's Direct Printing provides cost effective print control in remote network environments.

PaperCut's Direct Printing provides cost effective print control in remote network environments.

The combination of Direct Printing and a Private Cloud implementation of PaperCut products can eliminate the need for any local server infrastructure by hosting the App Server offsite.

How does it work?

In a centrally based print server setup, PaperCut products work by intercepting the job as it passes from the computer, through the print server, then onto the device. In a decentralized direct printing configuration there is no central location to intercept the job. Instead jobs are controlled at the computer level and all usage is reported to a central App Server.

Setup and configuration

Need to know how to setup PaperCut to track and control printing in a direct printing environment?

Find out how simple it is to deploy print queues and drivers without a print server when using Print Deploy

Discover how to deploy print queues in a print-severless (direct) printing environment.

Read more on using PaperCut in Print Server Free Environments in the PaperCut NG Manual.

Already have a print server? Find your printer setup.